Dana Tate has actually been painting pictures with words indigenous childhood. She has a passion for life and also a heart for romance.

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First romances don't constantly end in a fairytale. Yet no matter where your routes take you, that person will constantly have a piece of her heart.

When I an initial saw you, I remained in love v another

And then through the years, you and I became lovers.

No stronger love surely, can ever exist.

It's the many beautiful feeling, on this I should insist.

And if years ago, who told me this would certainly be so

I would have actually laughed, and calmly, shook my head no.

For the love i feel for you took me fully by surprise.

For yesterday you were my friend, yet today you room my life.

And girlfriend are:

My confidante.

My backbone.

My comforter with the night.

And you are:

My heart.

My inspiration.

And the to apologize of mine eye.

But periodically I take it you for granted, and I know that this is so.

So I composed you this poem, therefore you constantly will know.

How i love you..

Need you...

Respect, and also adore you.

I hope I'll always love girlfriend this way.

I expect from me you will never stray.

But I recognize that life brings alters so,...if we should ever part...

know, that always, and forever, you'll have actually a item of my heart.


Love through all her heart, soul and mind.

Being in love is a beautiful thing. The sunlight shines brighter; the skies looks a little more clearer and the people seems favor a wonderful location to be. Love is the most an effective emotion a human can ever experience. The giddy feeling of love doesn't always last forever, however we can autumn into a comfortable companionship and friendship that can last forever if, it's cared for and nurtured.

Love can not be taken for granted it should be respected and treated choose the cherished gift the it is. Whether this is your very first love or your fiftieth it need to be seen and cared for as a rarely jewel. Without love the human being is a bleak place to be in.

There's a thin line between love and also hate.

There's a slim line between love and also hate. Love can sour quickly when it's no nurtured or, taken for granted. Most couples don't loss out of love, but fall the end of respect. Love is blind and we are willing to put up with small things us don't choose in the beginning. The funny thing around love is that changes. It doesn't make sense. There's no reason or reason to it, it simply is.

We can't regulate love, or that we love due to the fact that it takes united state by surprise. If we could control love many of us would; especially after being hurt the an initial time around. Us would try to moderate it or no love as difficult over are afraid of being hurt. God is His unlimited wisdom take it the ability to control that the end of our hands and so us love.

Why is that so tough to stay in love?

Most civilization fantasize around love and also romance in a fairy tale way, but love is no a fairy tale. They want to remain in love forever and, space unrealistic about the union. Some people are in love with being in love however have no clue exactly how to it is in in a relationship; therefore when troubles arise they're rapid to walk away.

Many world who walk far are in search of something unattainable, i beg your pardon is, perfection. Over there is no perfect person all relationships takes compromise, sacrifice and respect. Love start out through passion, yet after that fizzles you're in ~ a cross roadway that either die or grows right into something deeper and lasting. Love have the right to last if that is respected. If it is no respected, no issue how difficult you love, at some point it will certainly die.

© 2013 Dana Tate


Dana Tate (author) indigenous LOS ANGELES on august 25, 2019:


Unfortunately, i haven't discovered that "rare one" yet I haven't offered up hope. Ns was madly in love v this guy and also this city was created for him however these words became prophetic...

But, I recognize that life brings changes...

So, if we should ever before part...

Know that always and forever...

You'll have a item of my heart.

Thank you because that reading and appreciating mine poem.

BRENDA ARLEDGE native Washington Court house on respectable 23, 2019:

Very great write.

Yes, I believe those who seem to loss out of love are trying to find perfection.

They want or should feel that consistent attention making castle feel better about themselves.

It is possible though to find those rare ones which still believe in romance for eternity.

I expect yours is one.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on October 09, 2018:


Thank you because that reading and also leaving a comment. Regrettably love because that some method "until difficulties or, jae won difficulties, do us apart." real love grow deeper over time. It's sad that some civilization will live their totality lives without discovering true love.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. On October 09, 2018:

Hi, Dana,

Wonderful work. For this reason many world mistake lust for love without realizing "loving" someone involves enduring the changes that will come. Often, I've told young couples: "Imagine all of the possibilities that could possibly happen. Then, questioning yourself: "Will ns dessert this person?"

You were dead on: if girlfriend don't have respect, love can quickly disappear.

Loved her work, Dana.




Dana Tate (author) indigenous LOS ANGELES on June 02, 2018:

My Poem:

This is far better than good. The words you made decision are exquisite! I particularly love this line.

" her voice a Melody that would certainly lead me come the finish of an impossible quest through you as the lacking piece in the puzzle of my life"

My poem top top June 01, 2018:

Is this great I did it on my own?

when I an initial met u i knew you to be the one for me the one that would make me entirety your eyes are choose the light in a dark civilization that I would be forever make the efforts to gain to. Your voice a Melody that would lead me to the finish of an difficult quest through you as the absent piece in the puzzle of mine life i would host that item till the finish of my days and never let anyone pains you anymore I would certainly be like the guardian that a priceless jewel you room my jewel im her guardian and also anyone who damages you is an foe to me. I will certainly forever love you

Dana Tate (author) native LOS ANGELES on might 26, 2018:

Thank you note Tulin because that appreciating mine poem. Its funny I composed this poem twelve years earlier to someone i was madly in love with. We began out together friends yet our love prospered slowly over time. Sooner or later I simply woke up and also realized i loved this person. Our valuable relationship, definition our friendship, then love, lasted because that over twenty years. We dropped out the love however not respect. Now we room still the ideal of friends.

Mark Tulin indigenous Palm Springs, California on march 14, 2018:

It’s not straightforward talking native a location of love. I evaluate it once someone does it in a poem. Thanks

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on November 13, 2015:

Congratulations!! You certainly seem to have actually a good idea how to save a marital relationship strong. I have actually witnessed so plenty of couples abuse and take advantage of the love their partner has for them. I know of who who had actually a good man because that 25 years. She used and also abused and belittled this male every chance she got, even in former of others. He ended up having an affair and finally left and also married the other woman. Love is something to cherish and not it is in taken for granted. We need to not i think the other human being will not eventually get tired.

Peg Cole from north Dallas, Texas on November 10, 2015:

You've fight the nail on the head through your observations. Respect is the vital to lasting relationships. It's around the means people talk to one another, the method they talk around their partner once they're apart together well. Love have the right to remain solid through the years and when it does, it's beautiful. We're about to celebrate ours twenty-seventh year the marriage.

Vicki ~ above January 02, 2015:

Dana Tate (author) native LOS ANGELES on June 15, 2014:

Word55, an initial happy fathers day! Yes an initial loves space special. Unfortunately my first love did no last. With the year I had a hard time recognize a true love, the wasn't constantly their error I had actually to understand myself to recognize what ns was in search of in a man and know my true self-worth. I understand that love have the right to last forever, I have actually seen it and also it is the most beautiful gift if you have the right to truly uncover it.

Al Wordlaw native Chicago ~ above June 15, 2014:

Hi again Dana, as you have the right to see, I'm catching up ~ above a many reading today. A serene Father's day is permitting me to do simply that. This was an additional gorgeous poem, a city of your very first love, Wow! The very first love lays the path of love and also how good love have to be in the future. Well, love can last forever. Did you know that?

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on march 05, 2014:

I'm glad you appreciated the city my friend: Thank's for visiting and also commenting.

Harish Mamgain from new Delhi , India on February 26, 2014:

Dana, your heart is pulsating through such warm love the I have no equivalent words to describe it. I love this beautiful poem and the concluding words-'' forever you'll have actually my item of heart '' are such awesome that they'll resonate foever in mine heart. Lovely poetry, my friend. Say thanks to you and also all peace and happiness. :-)

Dana Tate (author) native LOS ANGELES on respectable 21, 2013:

Alonzo, the previous love the you think of native time come time is your first love. That doesn't constantly have to be your first love. Many thanks for preventing by and commenting.

Dana Tate (author) indigenous LOS ANGELES on respectable 21, 2013:

Chocolate your very first love is not constantly your ideal love but I'm happy you did have actually someone special and also can relate come this poem anyway. Thanks for commenting and also stopping by.

Alonzo on respectable 20, 2013:

Can't psychic my very first love...but the poem is beautiful for the human being who do remember their an initial love.

chocolate on respectable 20, 2013:

I will constantly remember my an initial love. Happily he will not have a item of my heart. However I do recognize other males who will. Beautiful poem.

Harriett on June 28, 2013:

This to be a beautiful read. You are an extremely talented v stringing your words together.

brown eyes ~ above June 27, 2013:

First loves are the many romantic loves. Unfortunately, lock can likewise be the many painful. I love the way you wire words with each other on not just this poem but all friend others also I look front to hearing more from you.

Dana Tate (author) from LOS ANGELES on may 29, 2013:

thank you, your sort words are lot appreciated.

Dana Tate (author) native LOS ANGELES on may 29, 2013:

thank you really much. And also thanks for commenting

Yadaiyah_LaSakalhaahmath on may 26, 2013:

Hello Dana dear read your poem again and cannot acquire over the fact that you are talented with words...i to be proud that you, AHABATHA...

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Yadaiyah_LaSakalhaahmath on may 26, 2013:

Hello Dana dear reda your poem again and get over the fact that you room talented v words...i to be proud of friend AHABATHA...