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hey guys, i"m brand-new here and also just wonder if anyone could sennd me in the best direction as far as transforming my oil. The looks like i might have to things 2 drain. A tank and also the case. Have the right to you call me wherein the drain plugs are and also what fluids come use and where to pit them in. I recognize i sound yes, really dumb i simply don"t wanna hurt my engine. Thanks.tony p.s. Pics would be helpful
ok well ns 12 so mine dad usually changes the oil in my yfz... :icon_biggrin: ns dont know all the details however i do know that you have to drain the external and the enternal tanks and add oil to both likewise but i carry out not live with my dad so i dont have actually all the exact measurements the oil...all that this is in the hand-operated :icon_cool:
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1. Warmth up the quad2. Placed on some latex gloves3. Take off skid plate4. Placed a pan under the quad to catch the oil5. Loosen two bolts-one under the engine case, one at the bottom that the oil tank---this have the right to be tricky since you will must do the by hand to store the bolts from falling right into the pan6. Wait because that every last drop come drip from the tank and also case, then install the two bolts7. Eliminate oil filter cover and oil filter8. Placed a small bit the oil ~ above the brand-new filter seal prior to you put it on9. Download oil filter and also cover10. Put some oil in the case to start, then pour the rest into the tank. I think you use 1.94L??11. Reinstall the skid plate and check the oil level12. Begin the bike and also listen/ watch for any type of leaks13. Rip it up!!!!thats what i remember off the peak of mine head, anyone feel complimentary to add, or correct me.

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