Riding a dust bike is a the majority of fun and comfort even though they no designed for the kind of rate you may desire. Once you have a 125cc dust bike in her hand, for instance, you will have a restricted expectation that what maximum rate it’ll deliver.

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The Max rate for 125cc dust Bikes have the right to vary depending on the make and also model.The typical speed of a 125cc dust Bike is 45 MPH.This is arbitrarily on a variety of different models in which we will certainly discuss much more in the instances in this article.

So, if you don’t know what top speed the 125cc dust bike produces, this is the right short article for girlfriend to gain all the details and also information you require in this regard.

Perhaps, you’re holding ~ above to part guesses about what rate the 125cc dust bike delivers. From Yamaha to Honda, Suzuki, HUSQVARNA TC125,KTM, or Racing, I’ll provide you with resourceful details around the 125cc bicycle models.

By the moment you’re done reading this post, I’m sure you’ll have dropped few of the dorn specifications and also information you’ve to be fed with.

Let’s gain into the special, of our discussion and see few of the top instances of cross/motocross bikes that function the greatest top speed.

1. KTM 125 – 73 MPH

What’s that all about the optimal speed the KTM 125 SX? This dirt bike is it is provided by a 2-stroke 125cc engine, offering a max rate of about 73 miles every hour.

When contrasted to YZ 125 and CR 125, 2 Yamaha 125cc dust bike models, you find out that the KTM 125 produces far better speed. In regards to cost, too, this bicycle is on the higher side that the market. For kids and adults that love dirt bike the comes through that very fast speed, I’ll recommend you gain the KTM.

2. Suzuki 125 – 50 MPH

Suzuki DRZ 125 makes no faster way to the entire civilization of dirt bikes. It comes straight and also clean v its volume to produce a 4-stroke 125cc.

Although slower 보다 the KTM 125, this bicycle is proud the a height speed in the region of 50 miles every hour. This rate is virtually equal to what you gain from Yamaha TTR, however it doesn’t enhance what the CRF will certainly deliver.

3. Yamaha 125

It looks choose Yamaha take away the industry leader when it pertains to the manufacturing of 125cc dirt bikes. It has actually two models currently in the cabinet. Besides, each of this bikes boasts superior features.

Yamaha TTR 125cc Max rate

Let’s look in ~ the TTR 125:It comes together a 4-stroke dirt bike with a height speed of about 50 miles per hour. This is identical to what Suzuki 125 will certainly deliver, all things being equal, but trust what Yamaha have the right to do. The claimed speed possibly a little above this.

Yamaha YZ 125cc Max rate

What about theYZ 125? This offers better speed, given that it’s it is provided by a2-stroke dust bike. Nothing forget,2-stroke dirt bikesproduce much better speed than their 4-stroke counterparts. So, you’re sure of gaining a top speed in the ar of 70 miles every hour. The only guy on this list that brags other more far-reaching is the KTM. Yet your TTR or CRF is quite slow, and you can see why riders like the YZ for track riding.

4.TM MX125– 62 MPH

The TM gyeongju MX 125 model is just one of the motocross bikes the feature exclusively on several height 10s. Produced by TM Racing, this bike can provide a lining 62 meter every hour at optimal speed.

Powered by a two-stroke single-cylinder engine, this brilliantly crafted guy regulates a the majority of respect in the one of ideal 125cc dirt bikes. That a wonder come behold ~ above the track.

5.Apollo 125 dirt Bike – 55 MPH

The Apollo 125cc DB-007 dust Bike controls a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine that reaches a peak speed of about 55 MPH. This is a little higher than what you acquire from the Coolster 125X, i m sorry is equally powered by a 4-stroke engine.

6.Honda 125 – 55 MPH

How walk the CRF 125 fare in terms of maximum speed shipment in this fiercely competitive market? let’s see. Return it’s no the flagship that Honda, the CRF 125 represents the brand in the most compelling way.

The CRF 125 is a 4-stroke dirt bike qualified of delivering as much as55 miles per hour at maximum speed.Is this a sluggish bike for her taste? Well, fastness also depends top top the as whole weight you’re transferring on the bike. It come with quicker speed 보다 your TTR, also though it’s on reduced torque and also less comfortable.

7. Coolster 125X dirt Bike – 42 MPH

The Coolster 125 X belongs come the class of 125cc dust bikes that produce fairly medium optimal speed.It comes through 42 meters every hour at optimal speed.

Hitherto, this is the least speed we’ve figured out on ours list. But one can understand given that it’s powered by 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine.

8. X-PRO 125 dirt Bike – 60 MPH

If you’re trying to find a 125cc dirt bike the delivers some reasonably high top speed, then the X-PRO is the perfect candidate.

Powered by a 4-stroke semi-automatic transmission 125cc engine,the X-Pro it is intended 60 miles per hours of maximum speed ifyou to compare this to what plenty of of what we have actually here, you can say the X-PRO is no pushover when it comes to speed.

9. Husqvarna TC 125 – 70 MPH


Husqvarna TC 125 comes together a Cross/motocross dirt bike that brags a the majority of power, speed, and also torque. Thanks to that single-cylinder, two-stroke 6-speed transmission,the HUSQVARNA TC125 it is intended a maximum speed of around 70 miles per hour.This renders it among the sought-after dust bikes v the highest speed on our perform here.

Make no mistake, if you under the period of 13, nothing think of starting your riding career with this bold, brilliant and speed-intimidating model. You may end up in a ditch.

Frequently request Questions

Q: just how long does it require to reach top speed top top a 125cc dirt bike?

As usual of dust bikes, generally, castle don’t easily reach height speed, and several components account because that that.

It relies on whether a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine powers your bike. Typically, dust bikes with 2-stroke engines frequently reach their optimal speed quicker than those with 4-stroke.

All points being equal, a 125cc is most likely to reach its max rate within 5 secs if powered by a 2-stroke engine; however a 4-stroke 125cc dust bike would certainly take a small longer. This is responsible for their preference for monitor riding.

The terrain she riding will likewise determine how soon her dirt cycle reaches its maximum speed. Dust bikes take a lengthy time to with their optimal speed if there space turns, bends, and corners ~ above the track. Similarly, if her riding trails are full of rocky roads, you can not with max speed all through a three-hour trip.

Q: how dangerous space dirt bikes at top speed?

Generally, even if it is you’re ~ above a maximum speed or not,riding a motorcycle is constantly a dangerousactivity. There’s additionally the safety component of the dirt bike. Interestingly, funny or speak is reaching the height speed.

There are precautions to take to prevent or at the very least lessen the result of a dust bike crash. Experience is crucial; starting person riders have obtained to be more careful. Particularly if you’re riding a 125cc dirt bike, you’ve gained to it is in in your teenage years. They’re designed because that older kids.

Q: room 125cc dust bikes an excellent for beginners?

The straight answer come that question is yes. It’s no out of ar to say the 125cc dust bike is the most ideal dirt bike to begin off-road riding. That doesn’t matter that the displacement is 125 cubic meters. Fun motocross riding begins and ends v 125cc dust bikes.


Dirt bikes occupy a main place in riding a bike. Much more fundamentally, the 125cc dirt bikes are component of the bikes beginning of the person riders can use to do their means into the talk activity. Through the examples, friend can pick which the the 125cc dirt bikes you want to begin your speak life with.

I have actually no doubt the likes that Kawasaki the is not right into manufacturing 125cc dust bikes might want to join the fray anytime soon. Top top our list here, KTM takes the lead with a max speed of 73, while HUSQVARNA TC125 and also Yahama YZ 125 follow through its tremendous 70 miles each.

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In all, safety and security is essential. Perform not ride any of these dirt bikes without wearing your protective and safety gear. Riding dirt bikes requires enough care and caution.