i was driving past the village of Hampsthwaite the other day, and happened come spot the 6 consecutive consonant in the middle. It collection me wondering whether this to be the many possible, and also if not, which word has the best number?

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Archchronicler, catchphrase, eschscholtzia, latchstring, lengthsman, and postphthisic each have actually six consonants in a row.

HIRSCHSPRUNG"S (DISEASE) has seven consecutive consonants, as does SCHTSCHUROWSKIA. The shortest such word is TSKTSKS. Every one of these words deserve to be found in major rememberingsomer.com dictionaries.


Foreign proper names are probably your most safe bet. I constantly liked Chruschtschov despite Khrushchev is the much more common transliteration. Wikipedia has a committed section that lists a couple of more:

Twelfthstreet (normally two words yet sometimes written as one, together in a song title; Eighthstreet is feasible through analogy), and Hirschsprung, as in Hirschsprung"s disease (though this is after a Danish surname). The scientific name of the white (or Tubergen) squill is Scilla mischtschenkoana, and also the transliterations of number of Russian names, such together Tischtschenko, save on computer the very same constellation of 7 consonants.


Sorry if this is a tad off-center, yet the longest sequence of typographic (as protest to phonologic) consonant in a single syllable might be five, in the indigenous strengths and lengths. (Strengths might be the one-syllable word with the largest number of consonants: 8.)


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