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Prefixes are an essential morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The English prefix extra-, which means “outside,” shows up in a fair number of English vocabulary words, such as extra, extraterrestrial, and also extraordinary. You deserve to remember the the prefix extra- way “outside” native the adjective extraordinary, which refers to something i m sorry is “outside” or beyond what is usually taken into consideration ordinary.

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extraoutside, beyond
-ouspossessing the nature of

Something extraneous “possesses the nature of (being) outside” the center of something.


extra-outside, beyond

When a sister and brother become estranged, your relationship falls to gift “outside” your individual lives, and also so they don’t associate anymore.

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Today us will emphasis on the English prefix extra-, which way “outside.” This podcast will make your understanding of words with the prefix extra- in castle extraordinary!

We all recognize that if you work extra hard at something, that is, work-related “outside” the what is expected, friend are an ext likely to success in that specific endeavor. Because that instance, if you study so tough for a math test that you get every one of the concerns correct, your teacher would more than likely say the it to be an extraordinary accomplishment, or one the is past or “outside” what much more ordinary scores would certainly be. Friend most absolutely would not need extra credit, or points provided “outside” or past that the the possible points on the test itself. Speak of school, many students this days seem come have plenty of extracurricular activities in their lives, or those activities that go “outside” that the normal curriculum or classes they take during the day, such as soccer, violin lessons, authorized in a play, or assorted clubs.

We’ve all heard that ESP, or Extrasensory Perception, i m sorry is a “sixth sense” of sorts that goes past or “outside” of ours normal five senses to give us information that we normally would no have access to, such as what is walking to take place in the future or the capacity to recognize what an additional person is thinking. Probably such ESP is commonplace among aliens or extraterrestrial life, or life the thrives “outside” the or beyond planet Earth.

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We have all heard the introverts and also extroverts. An introvert often tends to be more private in his day-to-day life, conversely, an extrovert prefers to be turned towards the “outside” world, and so loves to socialize.

Have you ever bought a vehicle that was extravagant in that is cost, that is, one that wandered “outside” of the meant normal price selection for cars? A sports auto such together a Lamborghini or Ferrari would be an instance of such an extravagant expense, for nobody really requirements a car like that for running errands!

I think the an extra or yet one more example “outside” the the persons given over would be overkill in ~ this point—no need for extraneous examples that room really no needed—like extraneous!

extra: “outside” what is taken into consideration to it is in a common amount of something extraordinary: “outside” the ordinary extra credit: “outside” credit extracurricular: “outside” the general curriculum that a school extrasensory: of gift “outside” the five senses extraterrestrial: of being “outside” the earth Earth extravagant: wandering “outside” regular boundaries, typically of cost extrovert: turn “outside” that oneself extravert: different spelling that “extrovert” extraneous: of info that is not crucial to something, thus “outside” of what is needed