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I"m wondering if there is a details word describing this trait. For instance if I tend to think that "If ns pass this exam ns am a genius, if ns fail i am an utter imbecile"?



A Flip-flopper (U-turn in the UK) is used to explain someone that frequently transforms their opinions. It"s frequently used to explain politicians who adjust their stances to go v the present popular sentiment.

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Someone who wavers on their opinions and can"t make up their mental is claimed to it is in vacillating or indecisive.

A human being who changes loyalty based on whether or no something is succeeding is described as fair-weather - specifically the fair-weather fan as soon as speaking about a sports team supporter.


Fickle (“Quick to readjust one’s opinion or allegiance; insincere; no loyal or reliable”) and also compliant (“Willing to comply; yielding; bending; pliant; submissive; ready to execute what someone wants”) space possibilities. Mercurial (“Volatile; erratic; unstable; flighty; fickle or changeable in temperament”) and also capricious (“Impulsive and also unpredictable; figured out by chance, impulse, or whim”) likewise are nice.

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Well, girlfriend might call that short self-esteem if girlfriend base her self-worth top top one exam. :)

But if you want a cool word, there is tergiversate, which way "to change repeatedly one"s attitude or opinions v respect come a cause, subject, etc." and one who techniques tergiversation is dubbed a tergiversator.

jwpat7"s fickle is a great word for someone who alters his opinion conveniently - but it"s invariably derogatory, and implies changing one"s opinion without great cause.

There"s likewise open-minded, with optimistic associations implying the one is able and also willing come accept new information i beg your pardon justifies transforming one"s opinion.

Those room answers come the concern in OP"s title. Yet they don"t fit the example context, of someone basing his whole self-assessment on a single test score. That"s a kind of cognitive distortion often dubbed Polarized (or “Black and White”) thinking.

As I stated in my comment, I think your example doesn"t match your question. The example as offered isn"t an example of indecision, or a fickle opinion, but rather it"s insecurity.

If you don"t know before you take a test whether you space a genius or an imbecile, you are insecure around the level of your intelligence. Other possible descriptions of such a person might be anxious, apprehensive or unconfident.

Consider: labile, mercurial, inconstant; however irresolute may be ideal here. Words I recognize all also well. Father Ted>

Malleable or tractable suggest someone whose sense of me is no solid sufficient to even slightly resist exterior determination. A young student in the presence of too many esteemed professors . . .

Polarized Thinking

It is a technological term relenten a kind of Cognitive Distortion, where the experiences of life gain flattened out right into excluding a middle ground. There space no "shades that grey" or complexity, it"s either all or none, good or bad, black or white.

As for just using one adjective come fit in ~ the constraints of grammar, ns would use polarized.

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I have to say it, due to the fact that no-one rather has: Devil"s Advocate

In my very own words: Someone who will opt for the less renowned side that an argument in order to attract out a more crucial approach to the argument. A an excellent devil"s advocate can quite happily readjust their allegiance mid-argument if they"ve managed to to convince you one way.

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