India, Jan. 1 -- December is the month of festivities andcelebrations. The is the time as soon as one bonds v family and friends. Sois the atmosphere on the collection of Rajshri"s Woh Rehne Waali MehlonKi. Reena Kapoor (Rani), Samir Sharma (Rishabh), Suhasini Moule(Dadiji),Abir Goswami (Aakash) & Preeti Chaudhry (Rajni) share their plansfor new year, welcome 2011.. Reena Kapoor - I would certainly hopefully bespending my brand-new year v my household in darbar (our mandir in Delhi). Idon"t believe in do resolutions just since it is a brand-new year.Resolution have the right to be made any type of time and also it need to come from in ~ withoutannouncing it come the world. Ns am looking front to see what god has instore for me and also my family in the comes year 2011 Samir Sharma - i willbe spending brand-new year" celebrations v close friends, household andloved ones. I have actually only one resolution, not to have any type of resolutions.Just go through the flow. Ns am also looking forward to some amazing newwork in the comes year 2011. Suhasini Moule - "I will certainly be top to Pune come welcome brand-new Yearwith a few friends. We make resolutions and we rest them, commonly theylast only for a day. I intend to shed the extra kilos. In the comingyear I plan to manuscript a function film, hope it works out." AbirGoswami - i am going out v a team of near friends because that dinner andmaybe we"ll run too. No specific resolutions because that the new Year,but will try and curb my appetite together I am a big foodie. Ns am lookingforward to additional polish my acting, perform some landmark work and win anaward in the coming year 2011. Preeti Chaudhary - I have a brand-new Yearresolution that i will make use of my time to do coherent things ratherthan simply go for anything, and also will no waste time otherwise and also willtake up work more seriously & sincerely.

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Ns am hoping for a actual goodstart and I wish everything turns out to be as perfect as I haveimagined and planned in the coming year 2011. For any query v respect to this post or any other contentrequirement, please call Editor in ~ htsyndication
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Jan 1, 2011
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