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Have watched the over rifle, watch new. It has actually the consistent checkering style, no the skip line or basketweave type. What"s it worth? The pawn shop has it marked $350.00. Thanks.

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FWIW:The price is continuous with what I have actually seen around here. The real concern is why do you want it? because that hunting, I never felt the 100s were an extremely well respected. Because that collectors value? climate be genuine careful, cuz boy imperfections can destroy value. For plinking with excess ammo? then buy it. Semi-auto 308s room pretty spendy in military configuration. For $350 it have to be a funny gun.Just my 2 cent . . . Others here can give you much better information.BMT
Now if it was a Winchester model 88, the is a various story. If anyone to know where one of those can be had at a reasonable price, permit me know. Small brother desires one preferably in 308 yet would go for 358 or 284 as well. Any kind of of you Canucks the end there gained one. Much easier if i don"t need to import the silly thing, what v our Draconian forearms laws!
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From the "Blue Book":MODEL 100 RIFLE - .243 Win., .284 Win., or .308 Win. Cal., 4 shoot detachable mag., 22 in. Ring barrel with open sights, gas operated, basket weave sample impressed on stock, pistol tight cap. End 262,000 mfg. 1961-73 through some production developing in Japan. Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% $500 $450 $400 $300 $250 $230 $215 The pre-1964 .284 Win. Cal. With reduced checkering to be made for much less than one year (WFF, ser. Variety 72,xxx through no letter suffix or prefix). The part about basket weave sample impressed top top stock provides me wonder if the stock is original.
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That seems OK to me because that a pre-"64 cut checkered gun in great condition. I"ve never seen a pawn shop the wouldn"t deal, so give it a shot before you sell the asking price.I have actually a Winchester 100 in 308 that I usage on manage hunts. It is accurate enough for deer and also has never failed me. The just thing that i don"t like about it is the mushy trigger.Jeff
It"s a sweet spring rifle. Someone took treatment of it. I"m headed over in the morning to shot to profession him the end of that if that is tho there.
Offer lock $275.00 and also go from there. This models have actually some relatively common business issues and some parts are nearly unavailable. It"s possible you have the right to be to buy a spendy wall-hanger. Personally, ns wouldn"t spend over $150 for one, and I"d keep it just for the parts....Not trying come diss the rifle here, simply stating facts...
I understand Winchester had actually a recall on the firing pin. I"ve heard they will settle it no problem. More than likely ought to confirm that. I similar to the one item stock; it is likewise a relatively light and also trim rifle for an auto. I understand the magazines are skies high if girlfriend can find one also. Ns left my profession for him come look over. It"s a .308 Savage 99 in require of some cosmetic work.
He wanted the Savage to add $100.00, so i passed. As well bad, I favored the rifle. He also had increased the sticker come $400.00! he tried come buy the Savage outright however I passed on the too.
I own a Winchester semi-auto year ago, the I believe was a version 100.It had actually a tendency to fire 3 or 4 rounds through one pull of the trigger.Not kidding.I later learned this to be a flaw usual to the Winchester semi"s, and also that Winchester, in ~ one time, readily available a components package they"d send out to deal with this problem.Perhaps rather can include to this.
Buster- IMHO you need to keep the 99! This seems prefer a no-brainer. The 99 is a much far better gun, and should shoot circles about the 100. Those weapons had heavy triggers in them and also were susceptible to no being consistently accurate. In ~ 350, that was an median price, but at 400, it"s seeming a tiny high. NO means would I provide him the 99 and $100.00. From a collectors standpoint, the 100"s are much much more desireable in .284. Don"t provide up on her 99-it"s heavier, and not a semi-automatic, but that doesn"t matter if friend hit "em with the very first shot, does it?
I owned a Winchester semi-auto years ago, that I think was a design 100.It had actually a tendency to fire 3 or 4 rounds with one traction of the trigger.Not kidding.I later learned this was a flaw common to the Winchester semi"s, and that Winchester, in ~ one time, available a components package they"d send the end to resolve this problem.Perhaps rather can add to this.
I posted a question about this some time ago and was given a phone call number to call. It must be easy to discover by act a search.

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Yeah I"m end it now. The 99 is nice, it simply needs the bar refinished. It"s among those 1895 75th anniversary rifles. 24" octagonal barrel, crescent brass butt, counter and rotor, bar safety. Once I to buy the thing I assumed the lever had been casehardened and also faded away...didn"t look in ~ it an extremely well and turns out somebody polished many of the brass plating off the lever! It"s hideous! top it off part rust pits set in on the shining steel. No too poor though, they"ll come out. Well ns figured I"d salvage it and sent it up to Doug Turnbull, he of the awesome instance coloring, yet the invoice to straighten the end the pitting and also remove the plating and also color situation it was an ext than I had in the entirety rifle. Of course he does museum top quality work. Anyhoo I"ve got to discover someone that will do maybe simply remove the continuing to be plating and also blue the thing for no too much money. You recognize I"ve never shot it. I bought it since it to be a 99, in .308, through a 24" barrel. I assumed that was possibly an exciting combo. It"s a nice rifle v schabel forend and straight grip, no sling swivels. There"s a small stamped engraving on every side that the reciever speak "SAVAGE ARMS" and also "MODEL 1895", and a medallion in the stock v a huge indian head and "75th Anniversary". I thought the guy would instantly trade straight up to it is in honest. I simply wanted something various without spending any cash. And don"t gain me wrong, the M100 looks new. Ns still prefer it yet I guess: v I"m walk to try to wear out the 99.
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