A trip to the rainforest is no at the height of everyone’s take trip wish list. And, it’s definitely not the an initial place numerous parents think of once planning a family members holiday. However, this post will present you the there are numerous great factors you should visit the rainforest with kids.

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It’s believed that tropical forests cover under 10% of earth land mass and also only 3% that Earth’s total surface area. However, they have actually the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Consequently, they market the widest selection of animals and also plants all over on earth.

Taking your family members to a rainforest would produce a distinctive travel opportunity and also leave you with unforgettable memories. Even if it is you setup a pilgrimage to the rainforest in southern America, Africa or come South eastern Asia friend are particular to have the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Read top top to discover out what you have the right to do once you visit the rainforest v kids and also our finest reasons to go:-

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See impressive wildlife


Of course, the main reason anyone would visit the rainforest with youngsters is for the wildlife. There is no exception, children love animals.

Obviously, everyone has their own an individual favourite animal to see and also this may affect where you pick to go.

The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest in the world and can market the widest variety of species. However, if you want to seek out a specific, endemic species, you should research the best place to go. For example, head come Rwanda or Uganda in Africa for mountain gorillas, Madagascar because that lemurs or the Galapagos islands for huge turtles. However, if, favor us, it’s orangutans you want to see, you’ll should go to Borneo in Asia.

If you desire to guarantee that you’ll see a defended species, there may be a local conservation centre you can visit. Here you will find endangered pets which have actually been rehabilitated after gift orphaned. Centres such together Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation center in Borneo or the Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage in Uganda care for abandoned, endangered animals and help rehabilitate castle in their organic habitat.

For the actual jungle experience, acquire out of town and also head deep into the rainforest. However, it’s not prefer a zoo and also the rainforest wildlife won’t always be straightforward to spot. Therefore, youngsters need to be patient and also develop their observational skills. Pets may be high in the canopy (trees) or low on the ground. The wildlife will frequently have good camouflage or be wary of humans (except because that monkeys, which room everywhere!).

Remember come take top quality binoculars because that the family and teach your children to focus. This way, they’ll gain the can be fried close-up experience. Kids will soon obtain the cave of it and also before long, will certainly know exactly what they’re spring for and where to look.

Spotting the pets will come to be an integral part of the adventure. There is absolutely kudos in gift the very first to clues one!


If you’re travel to the rainforest through children, it’s advisable to book a guided tour. This will certainly likely encompass all river tours, rainforest treks and night walks. These tourism generally incorporate a neighborhood guide, food, accommodation, and transfers and administer the perfect opportunity for spotting wildlife.

Often an early morning or sunset watercraft tour is the best means to clues the animals, as they come under to the river bank at the cooler time come drink.

However, don’t simply expect to see wildlife once you are on a trek. Train your youngsters to enjoy the nature in the vicinity the the lodge. Look out for a monitor lizard strolling about the huts or a gecko sitting on your table. Watch out on the railing for a resting preying mantis or the little, brown frog squelching in the mud.

As your youngsters become an ext observant, they’ll be the first to clues these. Just remind them no to pick anything up!



It is likely that a rainforest adventure will be a new experience for any family. Therefore, this is an ideal opportunity because that the entirety family to maximise the usage of your senses.

In the rainforest, the cacophony that screeching, buzzing, and also squawking native animals, insects and also birds is constant. In ~ first, this racket is overwhelming, however you’ll soon attune your ear to the never-ending concert the rainforest sounds. Children love guessing which sound belongs to each creature.

There will also be wealth of new colours to enjoy. Brightly coloured flora and fauna will certainly be everywhere, so keep your kids on the lookout. Also better, permit them have actually their turn with the camera, so they deserve to really evaluate what they room seeing. It might be precious investing in a waterproof one if you space taking flow trips.

In addition to brand-new sights and also sounds, your nose will absolutely appreciate the fresh scent of flowers and old trees. A welcome readjust to the typical odour that cars and also factories. It won’t take lengthy to uncover out why the rainforest is often referred to as the “lungs of the planet”.

On the journey to the rainforest, children will pass regional villages. Visit one if you acquire the chance. It will certainly be a great experience to see the contrast in lifestyles and also cultures the the neighborhood people. Children will recognise differences, both positive and negative and can appreciate things they take because that granted at home.

Your rainforest overview will it is in the ideal person because that the youngsters to quiz on genuine life in the jungle. They will have plenty of actual rainforest experience to save the children (and you) entertained and also enthralled.

Kids can enjoy tales of residence raids by cheeky macaques, childhood experience of getting lost in the rainforest, accounts of unanticipated encounters with snakes and also elephants. Not the type of bedtime story castle will gain at home.


As well as meeting the locals, your kids can affix with other travellers. That is highly likely the there won’t be numerous other youngsters on the trip. However, backpackers are normally friendly and much more than happy come share stories of your travels.

Children can learn a lot indigenous contacting with new people from roughly the world and also discovering new viewpoints. Making new connections can aid develop children’s confidence and social skills.

A visit to a rainforest with children can also help strengthen healthy family relationships. You will certainly be security a most time together, producing memories come look back on because that years come come.

A visit come the rainforest with children is absolutely educational, and being fun. What better way to learn around the actions of rainforest wildlife 보다 to view them in action? What have the right to beat learning about environmental issues, 보다 seeing them first-hand?

An actual expedition to the rainforest will certainly pique their interest in the herbal world much more than any book or movie could possibly hope to achieve.

The rainforest is a perfect holiday destination if you want to alleviate your children’s display time. There are no screens and also usually no wifi. No laptops, no television, no Netflix, no phones. And also the an excellent thing is, friend won’t miss it at all. In fact, with so lot rainforest exploration, you’ll most likely be as well busy or worn down to notice.

Downtime will be a much-needed be safe on a shady hammock. Fresh air, mindfulness and also adventure will replace sitting in former of a screen. A break from social media will benefit the entirety family and also time invested outdoors will enhance health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to visit a rainforest there is no confronting some of the issues of deforestation and also endangered animals. Rainforests are right now being ruined at a price of about 78 million acres a year. Unfortunately, this is having a dramatic influence of the biodiversity that the forest.

A visit come the rainforest with youngsters can open young eye to the human being environmental issues. It deserve to really assist kids consider transforms they have the right to make to help.

Fun have to be a prime reason for taking any child on holiday. A rainforest visit may not it is in a traditional type of fun. However, the expedition is exciting and also will construct children’s explorer instinct.

The trip might take them the end of their comfort zone. However, experience reflects that kids are quick to increase their horizons and adapt to new environments.

A visit to the rainforest with youngsters will tickle your curiosity and also hopefully instil a sense of wanderlust.

So, if you desire to encounter few of the world’s ideal wildlife, connect with remarkable nature and people and also add some adventure come your household travels, then the rainforest is your perfect holiday destination.

We chose to go to the rainforest in Borneo top top a search to check out orangutans in the wild and it really was the expedition of a lifetime. If you desire to read much more about our family’s adventures, you re welcome read: 12-day Borneo itinerary: the ultimate travel guide.

Here girlfriend will check out that our family trip to the rainforest to be much much more than a hunt for endangered species, as we were able to visit tortoise Island, go snorkelling ~ above some amazing reefs and also white-water rafting, and enjoying some much-needed be safe time on a beautiful beach.

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Take many of high quality mosquito repellent (with Deet).Pack high element sun creamBring the correct garments – long-sleeves, long trousers and also long socks are all essential for a jungle walkDrink lots of waterTake some snacksTeach kids to usage the binoculars and also cameraRemember a torch for the night walksPack a UV flashlight if you desire to spot scorpionsHave lots and lots of fun!

For much more details of ours rainforest adventure, read our

Borneo travel Guide

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