The Tower is no Gustave Eiffel’s just creation. This enthusiast and also true genius was able to go beyond his own limits to bequeath to us monuments such as the dome top top the pretty Observatory, the metallic structure of the Statue of Liberty, not to cite the Bordeaux railway bridge.

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Un patrimoine global en héritage Panama : un projet faramineux et… désastreux Un retour aux resources : la recherche scientifique

Gustave Eiffel : a passionate engineer

Gustave Eiffel

An technician by training, Eiffel founded and developed a agency specializing in steel structural work, whose crowning success was the Eiffel Tower. He committed the critical thirty years of his life come his experimental research.

Born in Dijon in 1832, he i graduated from the Ecole Centrale des arts et Manufactures in 1855, the exact same year the Paris held the an initial World"s Fair.

He spent number of years in the south West of France, wherein he supervised occupational on the great railway bridge in Bordeaux, and later on he collection up in his own right in 1864 as a "constructor", the is, as a service specializing in metal structural work.

His impressive career as a constructor was marked by occupational on the Porto viaduct end the river Douro in 1876, the Garabit viaduct in 1884, Pest railway station in Hungary, the dome that the Nice observatory, and also the ingenious framework of the Statue the Liberty. That culminated in 1889 with the Eiffel Tower. This date marks the end of his career as an entrepreneur.


Eiffel developed hundreds of steel structures of every kinds all about the world.

Eiffel built numerous metal structures of every kinds, all about the world.

Bridges, and in particular railway bridges, were his favourite field of work, but he additionally won renown for his metal structural work and industrial installations. His career was marked by a large number of well buildings, among which 2 of the many outstanding room the pair edifices that the Porto viaduct and also the Garabit viaduct in the Cantal an ar of France. Equally superior are particular other structures in which the pure inventiveness the Eiffel"s firm was allowed complimentary rein, such together the "portable" bridges sold around the world in "kits", the ingenious framework of the Statue of Liberty in new York, and also of course the Eiffel Tower itself.


In 1887 Eiffel i agreeed to construct the locks that the Panama canal, an tremendous undertaking badly regulated by Ferdinand De Lesseps, which ended in the greatest financial scandal the the century.

This to be the biggest contract in his whole career in business, and additionally the one through the greatest risk. Given the hazard he faced, he was granted significant financial advantages and hard guarantees, which enabled him to collect his profit as quickly as the job-related was begun.

Despite the care which Eiffel soaked up the project, the liquidation of the canal building company, Compagnie du Canal, ~ above February 4 1889, brought about his very own indictment because that fraud together De Lesseps and his son, and also to a sentence of two years in prison and also a well of 2000 francs, even though nothing might really be blamed on the personally.

With his honour and also dignity severely compromised, he withdrew from business. The ruling was later on to it is in annulled through the greatest appeal court, the Cour de Cassation, liberating him of every obligations worrying the accusations, which placed an end to any kind of further court activity against him.


In retirement following the Panama scandal, Eiffel devoted the last thirty years of his life to a fruitful career as a scientist.

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First of all he set himself to finding a practical application for the Tower, which had only been developed to was standing for twenty years. He employed it in wind resistance experiments, together a meteorological observation post, and above all as a gigantic aerial mast for the brand-new science the radio broadcasting.

He collected meteorological data at articles installed in his assorted properties, and at the very same time sought his research into aerodynamics, structure a wind tunnel right at the foot the the Tower, and then a second and much larger one top top Rue Boileau in Paris, in 1909. This latter wind tunnel is still in service. He died on December 27, 1923 in ~ the age of 91.