The initial Dell logo created in 1984 featured the agency name in a basic serif font. 5 years later, the iconic “slanted E” emblem appeared. Follow to the company, it to be a visual representation of Michael Dell’s wish to “turn the people on that is ear”. The emblem featured solid letters in dark blue color.

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The next logo design update took place in 2010, when a one outline appeared around the wordmark. In 2016, adhering to the merger v EMC Corporation, Dell modified its logotype when again. The typeface got a diluent look. However, the really shape the the letters, consisting of the slanted “E” stayed unchanged.


The visual identity background of Del has actually been pretty constant from the end of the 1980s, but prior to the agency used two various versions of the logo, and the very very first was designed for PC’s Limited, the original name of Dell, developed in 1984.

1984 — 1987


The early stage logo, created for PC’s Limited, featured a bold black logotype in all capitals, enforcement in a small sans-serif typeface with an extremely thick currently of the letters. The wordmark was put on the right from an summary geometric emblem, consisting of a square figure formed by plenty of black lines. The monochrome shade palette the the that company visual identity made it look solid and professional, reflecting the purpose and essence that the brand.

1987 — 1991


The company was change the name Dell three years after its establishment and also this is once the new logo to be adopted. The elegant capitalized logotype in black color was enforcement in a sophisticated serif typeface and also placed between two blue horizontal lines. The was straightforward yet innovative and professional and also looked bright and also cool because of its new color palette.

1989 — 2018

The intense blue color became the main one in the Dell shade palette through the redesign the 1989. The brand-new emblem, draft by Siegel+Gale architecture bureau, featured a bold sans-serif logotype through the letter “E” put diagonally, inclined to the left. This badge became iconic and also was in usage by the firm until 2018, though even today the brand has actually its modified version as the main one.

2010 — 2016


The top blue logotype enforcement in Futura Extra interlocutor font to be enclosed in a one frame, drawn in the very same shade that blue. The new figure well balanced the sharp and strict look at of the letter-lines and also made the image an ext stylish and smooth. Over there were some minor alters done to the engraving itself: an ext space was added between 2 “L”s and the currently of the wordmark ended up being a little bit thinner.

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2016 — Today


The De logo was redesigned again in 2016 to celebrate the this firm merger through EMC. The shade palette and also style the the iconic logo design remained untouched, though the typeface was readjusted to a more lightweight one, v thin directly lines, and it made the brand’s logo fresher and crispier, with an ext white color in it, the badge began evoking a sense of reliability and loyalty.