Hi guys recently mine turtle has started to hang the end on the dock a lot. At any time i press them right into the water they would certainly swim a circle and also climb right earlier up the dock. I noticed the the my tortoise won"t also eat any kind of more. I would put food top top the dock and also after a couple of hours the food would get all mushy, please assist guys i already lost a turtle once it stopped eating.

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so for the not eating part, aquatic turtle can"t eat top top land, they need to swallow underwater. Place the food underwater and also hopefully he/she will begin eating again. As for the no going in water, what is the temps? Also, what your turtle"s species? carry out you have more thasn one tortoise in the tank? 


In enhancement to niceturtle"s good advice and questions, have the right to you phone call us an ext about about the habitat and feeding (food, frequency, etc)?

hi ns feed the 3 turtle 2 pellets 2 times every day, i view them usually takung the pellet come water come eat that the temperature is arouns 78 to 83 i put 3 rocks ib there about 30 fish there was initially 4 however one passed away of lung infection. Now the trouble is gaining worse once i push them right into the water one floats in the waater and also the other simply sat in ~ the bottom the the tank.i off the two right into a really shallow water and put a pellet in to see if they,would eat it must i pressure feed them

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Hi Noob! Welcome come the forum!

I"m going come strongly indicate that you take your turtle to a default reptile vet. Lose of usage of limbs can indicate organ concerns (and would define the lose of appetite). I"m no saying the organ worries is what is wrong....I am saying that it would be near impossible for us to diagnose what"s wrong v your turtle. This one ns would get to a vet as soon as possible. 

(Keep the in shallow water to stop him native drowning because his limbs don"t occupational properly)


the one v the untreated limbs died