On the prior of your tracker girlfriend will notification 3 individual LED lights. These LEDs act as status signs for your device.

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These indicators have 3 different modes, off, flashing, and also solid. For an ext information on what this LEDs represent refer to the information provided below.

Note:If the unit is not used to its power resource or the battery is dead, the unit will be in off mode and also no LEDs will certainly be present until enough power is applied.

Green GSM LED (CEL): cell phone Network link (Cellular) Status.


Flashing: A slow flashing LED to represent a good mobile network signal is present. If the LED is flashing rapidly (about one flash every second) the unit is trying to find a gps signal.

Red LED (PWR):The red LED (PWR) shows the battery condition of the device.


Off:The device has enough battery life and is disconnected from the strength adapter.

Flashing:While the machine is charging, the red LED irradiate (PWR) will certainly rapidly begin to flash. As soon as the battery has actually completed charging the LED will disappear. As soon as the red LED is slowly flashing, the battery is low (below 20%) and may have to be charged.

Note:Low battery notifications are sent out to her email and in the app when the battery reaches 20% or below by default unless modified through the user.

When the power switch on the optimal of the general practitioners is pressed, the red LED will likewise begin to flash rapidly indicating the maker is being shut off. To revolve off the tracker, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds and also release. To turn the tracker earlier on, press the power button again and release.

Solid:The device is fully charged and also ready because that use. The battery can take approximately 5 hours to totally charge.

Blue LED (GPS):The blue LED represents once the gps is communicating with many satellites. This irradiate is rarely used as most general practitioners tracking involves cellular communication.

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Flashing:The blue LED (GPS) will flash intermittently when connecting with multiple gps satellites. This LED will stay off the majority of that is operation.