The gamefish season has finished in WI. Countless ice anglers will continue to fish till the ice cream is nearly gone. This necessary tool is a should when venturing top top deteriorating ice cream late in the season!






HookedUp101 Fishing Academy hosted nearly 10 youth ice cream fishing clinics throughout the past several ice seasons in various Southeastern and central Wisconsin communities.

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Safety is a vital topic of conversation during each of the events--specifically the types of safety equipment that an ice angler would be wise to make use of in your arsenal the gear.

A common follow-up question during the ice safety portion of the clinics by the kids has been,

"Have you ever before fallen with the ice?"

Considering the emphasis a recurring statement in ~ the ice cream curriculum...

"No ice need to be assumed to be for sure ice regardless of the moment of year"

This is a good question that i love come entertain for the groups. I"ve even had several parents chime in later in the program and mention that they had actually the same concern at forefront of their minds together well.

I have NEVER fallen through the ice...

Not even to the point of having my foot break v some eroding coast ice during the late ice cream spring warm-ups we endure in March. Over there is no should "knock ~ above wood" together I point out this fact, together it"s no a declare I fear will eventually come to be a reality because it"s just NOT other I believe in leaving to chance.

I always cover the importance of ice cream cleats, ice cream picks, a PFD, throwable boat cushion, and also a throw rope, but, if you"ll notice most the that equipment is "reactive" in nature.

The most important piece the "proactive" safety equipment that has actually kept me ice fishing on the topside stays to it is in the "Spud Bar" or ice chisel.

A spud bar is a long piece of steel, generally about 4-5 feet in size with a tapered point at the end. THAT"S IT!

To part anglers it"s something they leave the end of their automobile when embarking for the ice as it might be understood inconvenient and cumbersome.

There are numerous benefits to having a spud bar follow me on an ice cream outing. It can be used for included stability once walking throughout ice the is doing not have snow cover and proves come be very slippery. It is also used to create holes in the ice cream at the start of the season (3-4" that ice) or afterwards during the year as an assist to break open old productive holes the haven"t frozen solid. This is that benefit an especially in shallow water when you think about the different of drilling new holes in the very same area with an auger and also spooking fish.

Personally, a spud bar"s key use has been mainly as a safety device.

This $10-$40 investment (depending ~ above the layout you get) has been the very first thing come touch the ice prior to I carry out season after season. If I"m maybe to firmly strike the ice through a spud bar twice in the very same location...*chink, chink*...and the integrity of the ice stays solid, I know I"m safe to action in that same location. 

Onto the ice ns go!

BUT prior to each subsequent action onto the uncertain surface, I continuously strike the ice cream in succession using my bar as I walk.

It doesn"t matter what period of the ice cream season...even throughout that end of January and into early February, if i haven"t been to a details body the water yet the year, I"m taking the spud bar in the sled for the inaugural go out.

As secondary tip in outfitting your spud bar, be sure to invest in one that permits you to include a durable piece that rope or a strap come it. Pack that form of support approximately your wrist will enable for simple handling. It additionally only needs to happen once, before you realize the a spud bar has tendency to sink v unsafe ice cream or one old fishing feet rather conveniently to the bottom the the lake if you"re tight is not firm enough.

Finally, ns tell the kids and also parents that if friend take note while on the following visit to your sporting products store--Notice that much more and an ext retailers are beginning to carry this invaluable piece of 4" stole in your fishing sections.

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With the unpredictable, and mild winters we"ve had in the recent past, we"re starting to hear of an ext and much more ice anglers falling through the ice...some stories even contain an unfortunate and tragic ending. I consistently wonder how countless of this incidents might have to be prevented through the plain and also simple, regular use the a spud bar.