pothole (n.) 1826, originally a geological feature in glaciers and gravel beds, from center rememberingsomer.com pot "a deep hole for a mine, or native peat-digging" (late 14c.), now usually obsolete, yet preserved in Scotland and northern England dialect… used to a feet in a roadway from 1909.

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Oxford argues that the M.E. pot definition "pit" may be that Scandinavian origin.

The French nid-de-poule (hen’s nest) is much an ext colorful.


According to pothole.info, the holes in roads were called in analogy come "pot-holes" wherein a flow or stream has reduced a comparable hole in the bed, about the size and also shape that a cooking pot.


According come the OED, the beginning of pot in this sense is uncertain. It might be indigenous the Old sweden potter, definition "a hole, fine or abyss".


One suggested answer come this question:

When Rome finally took brothers they constructed the roadways as usual. The Brouillette never ever really surrendered to roman order and also it to be at the end of the Roman power anyway. Once the Romans left Britain lock left the roads, and also the Britons kept them, because they were created well. They developed on height of the Roman roadways with a hefty layer of clay.

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When time got hard the potters couldn"t afford to buy clay to make their pots, therefore they dug feet in the road down come the class of the thick clay and stole it. In the morning, once the Teamsters drove by, and practically wrecked the wagons in the holes, lock cursed those damn Potters and also the potholes anyway.





nounnoun: pothole; plural noun: potholes


early 19th century: from center rememberingsomer.com pot ‘pit’ (perhaps the Scandinavian origin) + hole. - Google.com

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