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Your question seems to relate come the incident, at the end of thing six, when the windmill has actually been blown apart by devastating gale-force winds throughout November. The animals are clearly shocked the the "fruit of their struggles" has been demolished completely. Napoleon watch this suitable opportunity to further...

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Your question seems come relate come the incident, at the end of thing six, once the windmill has actually been blown apart by damaging gale-force winds during November. The animals are obviously shocked the the "fruit of your struggles" has been demolished completely. Napoleon look at this an ideal opportunity to further demonize Snowball who has been banished native the farm. He automatically blames Snowball because that this damaging ignominy. Evidence, in the form of the footprints the a pig leading in the direction of a hole in the hedge, supposedly proves Snowball"s culpability. Napoleon calls that a traitor and insists that the animals should immediately start rebuilding the windmill.

Napoleon"s demand is to ensure that the animals regain hope in their capacity to finish an arduous task. Furthermore, because he has claimed to have developed the idea of the windmill himself, the animals" commitment to completing such a daunting task will be evidence of their loyalty to him and, in general terms, their desire to be utterly free of humans and also become totally self-sufficient. The perfect windmill will administer electricity and make the animals" resides much an ext comfortable.

In addition, Napoleon wishes to belabor the animals with hard work so the there is no chance for them to inquiry his and the pigs" rule and their discrimination tactics. The general animal populace will be too exhausted to asking uncomfortable questions. They will additionally seem much less disciplined and disloyal if they should not throw your weight behind the completion of together a an essential project. Any kind of laxity ~ above their part would allow criticism from various other comrades and also they would, prefer Snowball, be reputed traitors to the principles of Animalism.

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Napoleon"s need is, therefore, a cunning stratagem to, through the various other pigs, preserve their rule over the other animals. The general pet populace has actually no an option in the matter, and also the hard work they perform ensures the they remain servile if the pigs stay in control.