Furniture surfing is a common actions problem that owner of all dog breeds have the right to understand.Couches close to windows and also counters wherein food goes may be especially enticing to run on.Positive training, consistency, and also enrolling in dog sports room some methods to help curb furniture surfing.

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Odds are, if you own furniture, your dog is going to want to jump on it. And why not? A good couch is comfy, cozy, frequently near a window that’s right for watching other pups — or squirrels — and it smells prefer you.

But while her dog leaping ~ above furniture or counters is perfect normal, friend don’t have to live with it. Learning an ext about why your dog does the will aid you identify ways come prevent trouble couch-surfing behavior.

Sparing Furniture native Fur, Nature

Furniture surfing isn’t minimal to dog each other or size. All types of pups are interested in bedding under in a warmth cushion. Some enjoy it since it allows them store an eye top top the room native loftier heights. Countless dogs likewise like to guard your home or watch excitedly for her return. Thus, furniture next to windows can be specifically enticing because that dogs. But, training dogs to stay down isn’t quite as an easy as moving sectionals away from the glass, although that’s a an excellent start.

“If your pooch is climb on furniture therefore they have the right to look the end a window, climate block accessibility to the window by pulling the drapes or installing blinds,” says Penny Leigh, GoodDog! Helpline Manager.

Also, Leigh advises making one more spot in the house an ext desirable because that dogs. Because that instance, you could simply designate an old chair or loveseat as the dog’s spot. Or, try putting cushy, comfortable dog bed in the area v the many enticing furniture. It might take a while before old behavior break and brand-new ones are established, yet eventually, the dog will gain the point.


“This kind of training rises the owner-dog bond, create confidence in dogs, and also helps make a well-mannered pet for her home and neighborhood,” Leigh says. “The offers plenty of competitive events in which her dog can earn titles and also opportunities to advancement to national events. Dog sports room a good way to enjoy time through your dog and other civilization who love working v their canine household members.”

Of course, training and dog sports are naturally helpful in expending extra energy. The way, her dog might not have any left because that furniture surfing across your house at the finish of the day.

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