In this article, we’re going to talk around all the different reasons, however most of the moment it is behavioral.

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Dogs aren"t’ born through this innate anxiety; that a learned behavior, and just like any type of learned behavior, it can be undone or redirected.

Dog licking blanket problems have several causes, and also we’re walking to go over as numerous as possible to clean the waiting and aid you get your dog to stop. It’s not a one-day fix; this may take weeks come correct, but it will certainly be precious it.

What has tendency to reason Excessive Licking in Dogs?


Most the the time, you can correct this odd behavior just by figuring the end what your dog is right now facing, and also connect the dots accordingly.

We’ll go over the four main issues that you’re likely to operation into, from many probable to rare in diminish order.

Behavioral Problems

Your dog is being feisty because they don’t desire to adhere come the new leash girlfriend bought, or you just moved homes and they don’t favor the backyard together much.

Yeah, dogs can gain testy, they simply don’t present it in evident ways.

Environmental issues could it is in causing behavioral problems, for this reason if you an alert something roughly the home that yes, really sets your dog off, think about removing it or transferring it to elsewhere in the home.

But occasionally it’s no that. Sometimes they just don’t listen once you phone call them no to do something, and also that commonly comes under to having zero behavior training.

You may not come across as the alpha of the house, and a dog trainer’s assistance might be the cure that you require to acquire them to stop licking their blanket.

At the very least, check out this option. Bring them come a dog trainer and see what they have to say.

List her concerns, and also talk about what you desire to view change. They’ll have the ability to assess your dog ~ a short afternoon v them, and also with training, it might be sufficient to correct your behavior.

Medical Problems


Another underlying problem could be medically-related complications. The trouble is… blanket licking no give any kind of indication that what the specific problem is whatsoever, but it walk act prefer an alarm to let you know that something can be wrong.

Dogs release endorphins when they lick things, i beg your pardon is why when they get excited after seeing you come residence from work, they often tend to lick your confront or excessively lick their nose. Castle excited and they desire to relax those feel-good endorphins along with that emotion.

You have to take her dog come their veterinarians office when too much blanket licking i do not care an issue.

That way, you’ll be able to either have peace of mind understanding they’re healthy and balanced while you find for an additional cause the this newfound behavior, or you’ll understand that you captured something early and also your vet can prescribe a treatment. One of two people way, she advocating for her dog simply as you must be.


If her dog is feeling nauseous, they could simply be licking their blanket, or the side of the couch, or whatever towel is in prior of them as a means to store themselves busy.

If friend think you hate throwing up, just watch just how upset a dog gets after they upchuck; it renders them hang your heads down due to the fact that they associate it through “going” in the house.

They may be licking to save themselves busy and also reduce extreme saliva. This is more instinctual than anything else, yet if castle experiencing frequent nausea, you could have to adjust their diet out a tiny bit to provide them a helping hand here.

Skin Irritation/Infections

If your dog rolls around on your blanket, they could be trying to itch their ago or other areas of their skin. If lock lick your blanket and then perform this, it can be to provide added traction as soon as they rub their skin versus cloth surfaces.

They have the right to lick their blankets and also then roll about in them, but you can also an alert wet clues on the political parties of the couch (usually where timber is structuring a cloth-covered area).

They’ll lick this area then scrape up versus it. Talk to her vet around potential skin allergies and get them tested as soon as possible.

Why perform Dogs specifically Lick their Blankets?


The same reason that youngsters cling come a ceiling or stuffed animal: security.

Your dog can feel secure native a blanket, and also use it as an outlet for your anxiety because they understand that friend don’t desire them chewing ~ above the furniture.

They tho associate any kind of training or behavior corrections you’ve made for them, however their instincts are still begging for them to lick top top or chew something.

What can be excellent to prevent or stop it?

Most of the time it’s behavior-based or anxiety-based, for this reason those would certainly be great places to start searching for a solution.

We have actually a rapid list of things you have the right to do to assist reduce their anxiety and behavioral issues.

Discouraging Licking

When you view the behavior, correct it on the spot. This is the same thing you’re supposed to do as soon as they start to “go” in the house, chew up your boots, or noþeles else the you don’t want them doing.

In their eyes, you’re the master of the house, and also they desire to be loyal to you. Kindly redirect them to a equipment that we’ve detailed in the part below.

Try to Socialize More


Dogs room social creatures, and also they need to mingle v their canine kind. Part socialization in ~ the dog park could be all they need to obtain their stress and anxiety troubles to vanish, although don’t intend it to it is in immediate.

Make continual dates to either walk to a dog park, or visit a girlfriend who has actually a dog and also let the 2 of lock play together. Socialization helps mitigate anxiety in humans, and the exact same goes for dogs.

Keep one Eye top top the dog Diet

Your dog’s diet might be affecting your anxiety, and making castle chew on blankets and also couch cushions. Similar to with humans, what we eat affects our moods, our behaviors, and also everything in between.

This could be due to the fact that of a food allergy, or additive that simply aren’t good for her dog’s wellbeing.

Anxiety and stress go hand in hand, other than stress is a collection of physical triggers. Licking and also chewing are just how dogs cope with it, so consider switching come a cleaner dog food to save the additives out of the mix.

Reduce His accessibility to the Blanket

If everything else fails, alleviate blanket access. This appears cruel at first, yet you aren’t acquisition it away; you’re simply bringing that out once you have the right to supervise.

Just prefer we talked about earlier, you have to correct their actions when they start chewing top top the blanket in the first place. Act this and also being present when they go to nervously chew could be all they should realize the this isn’t an acceptable behavior.

Try come Channel the extreme Licking onto much safer Objects


If her dog simply won’t provide up extreme licking, then there’s only so lot you have the right to do.

You have to overview them into better behavior; you can’t force it. The being said, you’ll have to switch the end their ceiling for something else.

You deserve to correct their habits by detect something the they deserve to lick that won’t either destroy your furniture, or have actually them ingesting particles of fiber along with dirt and germs. Part safe options are:

Chew Toy: It appears simple, yet when you throw them a bone, castle chew on it. The chewing can replace anxiety-related licking entirely. This is a for sure outlet you deserve to feel an excellent about.Chewing Mat: These can obtain pretty gnarly quickly, however they offer their role (and normally come in multipacks because that this specific reason). Chewing mats room a newer solution, but they offer your dog one outlet instead of your blanket or the couch.Chewy Dog Treats: There’s nothing that says “Don’t be worried, whatever is okay” like a tasty treat. This can not only assist get your dog’s mind turn off of every little thing was leading to them anxiety, yet reassure your love for them while offering them something to keep those this busy.

And as always, consider talking to your vet around getting top top anti-anxiety medication. You may not have the ability to fix the difficulty with in-home changes, and that’s okay.

The necessary thing is getting your dog the aid they require so that they deserve to feel better.

Changing your Dog’s Habits

It all starts with examining behavioral troubles and starting there. 

More often than that, dogs loss into this favor a concerned habit comparable to a person biting their nails or constantly clicking a pen. It’s okay to do, just not every the time.

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Remember that your dog is testing the world about them, and also licking something is the easiest method for lock to know a brand-new object or area. When it gets excessive, swap the end this habits for something financially rewarding and beneficial.