After turning 81 years old, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman (Million dissension Baby) join the civilization of society media and opened one Instagram account. Since then, over the past 5 months the veteran actor has posted about two dozen times. His most recent article was an announcement: his TV series Madam Secretary starring Tea Leoni together Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord has been renewed for its sixth season. Freeman is a producer, occasional director, and recurring guest star (as Elizabeth’s previous professor, chief Justice Wilbourne) ~ above the show.


When Freeman very first joined Instagram that asked his fans what they wanted to know around him, and he’s delivering. He post a photo of his younger me airborne in a run studio. He explains that he play Rudolph, the head waiter, in Pearl Bailey’s Hello, Dolly! on Broadway.

Freeman likewise answers a inquiry he gets asked every the time: what’s the story behind the two gold hoop earrings that wears? The gibbs writes: “The truth is, these space worth just enough for someone to buy me a coffin if I dice in a weird place. That’s why sailors supplied to undertake them and also that’s why i do.” (more below)

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these earrings. I get asked all the time around them. The reality is, these space worth just sufficient for someone to buy me a coffin if I dice in a strange place.

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That's why sailors offered to stay them and also that's why ns do. #NowYouKnow