I"m Lindsay Ferrier, a Nashville wife and mother v a passion for family members travel, (mostly) healthy cooking, trying out Tennessee, and raising youngsters without shedding my psychic in the process. This is whereby I share my explorations with you, along with occasional deep thoughts, pop culture tangents and a sprinkling that snark.

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>The very first time ns was pregnant, ns heard a the majority of complaints from various other knocked-up women around the number of strangers who would randomly rub their bellies in ~ the post office or the supermarket. I listened to these accounts with a mixture of horror and fascination. That would perform such a thing? and why? and how would I react when it taken place to me?

Fortunately, it didn’t. Apparently, my ship was entirely unapproachable. While other pregnant tummies were just begging to be rubbed, mine appeared to have actually the words Touch me and also die written across it in invisible ink.Of course, they to speak every pregnant is different and my second one is no exception. Ns was in ~ a family members dinner the various other night in LA as soon as it happened. Among my in-laws’ next-door neighbors was speak his goodbyes when he prolonged his hand. I put out my very own hand in return, just to it is in met through air.

Oh Lord. He was going because that the belly.

Before I can stop him, he had actually rubbed mine stomach. And it feel every little bit as an individual as if he had fondled my breast. Since for one thing, at six weeks pregnant, i didn’t also have lot of a ship to speak of, and for another, ns was attract a knit dress, so, um, ick.

To include insult come injury, he then took mine hand, still expanded as ns stood frozen in shock, and…

He kissed it.

I feeling a little bile ago up in my throat as i choked out a goodbye prior to furiously wiping my saliva-misted hand on mine dress.

As us drove home in the car fifty percent an hour later, ns blurted out, “Leon rubbed mine belly,” throughout a moment of silence. I couldn’t speak why, yet it feel I’d said that he’d grabbed me and tried to offer me a hickey external the women’s room. I intended the guys in the automobile to angrily threaten to absent Leon’s ass the following time that dared to show his challenge at the prior door.

Instead, there to be laughter. Many it.

“Oh no!” “Oh no he didn’t!” “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

They merely couldn’t understand.

I great there were belly armor on the market- other hard and also impenetrable to wear over my belly so that it can never be rubbed again. Far better yet, something that would provide an electric shock to those who select to violate my personal space.

In the meantime, I’m walking to have actually to create some boundaries.


Don’t obstacle my belly. Don’t think around rubbing my belly. In fact, don’t also look in ~ my belly, an especially if her name is Leon and you have a mustache.

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Let’s each carry out our part to keep our hand to ourselves about pregnant women and also I insurance this world will be a much better place.