Alongside apples and carrots, street cubes are among the most famous treats because that horses. Yet as horse owners become an ext conscious about their horse"s health, the question “do steeds eat sugar cubes?” comes up a lot at the barn this days.

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In this guide, we’re going to take an comprehensive look at street cubes and also we’ll find out if they’re good for your horse"s health. For this reason if you desire to understand the truth around horses eating street cubes, keep analysis to uncover out.

Can equines Eat street Cubes?

The good news, for horses at least, is the yes, they can eat street cubes. Street cubes no the most healthy treat because that horses, yet it’s ok for them to eat a few lumps of street every now and also then.

Are street Cubes for sure For Horses?

Sugar cubes nothing contain anything toxic to horses and also they nothing pose a choke hazard, therefore technically, they’re a safe treat. However they should always be fed in moderation. Due to the fact that if a steed eats too plenty of sugar cubes, this could have a bad effect on its health.

And street cubes aren’t for sure for every horses. Since of the high level of sugar, lock not suitable for equines with any type of kind of metabolic issues, such as laminitis. If your equine has any kind of health problems, to be on the safe side, you shouldn’t feeding it street cubes.

Are street Cubes healthy and balanced For Horses?

All animals, horses and people included, need some sugar as component of a healthy, balanced diet. It provides us energy and also helps our muscle to function. This is why you’ll uncover that equine food often has sugar.

Sports and working horses particularly need extra power in their diets. Not just to give them the power to execute but additionally to aid with muscle restore afterwards. It’s just when steeds eat too much sugar, that it can end up being a health problem.

One street cube contains approximately 4 grams of sugar which is a teaspoon"s worth. To put this into perspective one apple can contain as much as 10 grams that sugar. The distinction is, apples likewise contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Sugar cubes, ~ above the various other hand, are comprised of 100 percent sugar and nothing else. Therefore this means that they don’t offer your horse any type of kind the nutrition and they aren’t an extremely healthy. However that doesn’t typical that your equine cant have actually them as a special treat every now and also then.

As long as they’re fed in small quantities, street cubes no so negative for your horse"s health.

Do horses Enjoy street Cubes?

Most steeds love eating sugar cubes and only the fussiest eaters will rotate them down. Because that horses, eat a few sugar cubes is the equivalent of united state eating a liquid bar. Yes, we recognize it’s not good for ours health, but it’s good to treat yourself, and your horse, every now and then!

Warnings about Feeding A equine Sugar Cubes


When it comes to feeding your equine sugar cubes, the main thing to remember is not to feed too many all in ~ once. If you feed your horse too numerous sugar cubes in one sitting, this can reason a spike in glucose levels. And it may likewise lead to colic.

As well as this, street is negative for your horse"s teeth. Therefore if your equine regularly eats sugar cubes then this deserve to make its this rot.

Additionally, If your equine is overweight or obese, friend shouldn’t offer it sugar cubes. Too much sugar isn’t good for horses who room on a diet. If you feeding them too much sugar this have the right to lead to an ext serious health problems.

Equine metabolic syndrome is also known together insulin resistance in horses. And this is a significant metabolic worry that can lead to laminitis. Steed metabolic syndrome is very similar to type 2 diabetes in humans. So this way you have to never feeding sugar to horses with this condition.

And as well as this, you need to never give sugar cubes to horses with laminitis. If steeds with this ache foot problem eat too lot sugar it will certainly make your symptoms lot worse.

Finally, it’s worth noting that horses love sugar cubes so much, occasionally they walk a little crazy for them. So if you notification any signs of food aggression native your equine when there room sugar cubes around, you should stop offering them as a treat.

How countless Sugar Cubes deserve to A Horse have Each Day?

Even though your horse could happily eat a entirety box of sugar cubes, in reality, they shouldn’t eat an ext than 3 or 4 a day. And also they certainly shouldn’t eat street cubes top top a daily basis, as this will certainly be bad for their teeth, mood and health. Ideally, you should only feed sugar cubes come your steed once or double a week or on one-of-a-kind occasions.

Tips on exactly how To feeding A horse Sugar Cubes

Horses love sugar cubes, and also they’ll be excited around eating them, so you should constantly be cautious when you"re feeding castle by hand. Location the cube in the facility of the palm of your hand and also keep your fingers laid the end flat. And then permit the equine take the cube from her palm.

Alternatively, you have the right to put a few sugar cubes in her horse"s cereals to make them a bit more exciting. Of you could hide part in that is hay rations to keep it entertained because that a while.

And since horses love street cubes so much, it’s great to reserve them together a act for superior behavior. This can be for traveling or a visit indigenous the vet or blacksmith because that example.


Even though sugar cubes aren’t the most healthy and balanced treat, they are among the sweetest, and most equines love to eat them. However, you need to never feeding them come overweight horses or equines with metabolic issues as sugar have the right to make these problems much worse.

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So, do horses eat sugar cubes? correctly they sure do, but make certain they’re fed in moderation.