The only thing I deserve to think of is due to the fact that of the spirit fragment within Harry... So when the wand made decision Harry, to be it really just picking Voldemort again?


Why would certainly it only choose Harry since of the soul fragment? Isn't it possible it decided Harry because they in reality matched? Phoenix feathers enhance independent people. Tom and Harry both invested their early childhoods in isolation and also became reliant only on themselves since of it. While Fawkes's feather absolutely noticed the connection between the two, the holly and phoenix wand determined Harry since he matched the traits it was looking for: independent however volatile, v a attention quest collection out before him.

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It simply seems prefer a massive coincidence the A wand that has a shared link to Voldemorts wand would pick a young who had actually a shared link with that wands master. Although, you perform offer a very great case. Possibly Phoenixs room naturally attracted to people with an excellent power and also ambition favor you said. The would define why it determined Harry and Tom. That would also explain why Fawkes decided to live with Dumbledore because that so numerous years.

To me, this begs a enlarge question, i m sorry is just how much the Harry's "personality" was identified by the Horcrux within of him?

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None. Soul fragment was isolated from Harry's soul. Every time that felt it's influence, his scar burned

You space looking in the wrong ar for your answer. Over there is no really one in cosmos answer, the answer originates from our world.

When you say "Oh the phoenix feather wand made decision Harry due to the fact that of the item of Voldemort's soul", you room ignoring the wand hardwood entirely. Wands room a mix of wood and core. One is not much more important 보다 the other. This means that the wands room at best superficially similar.

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This is all expected to mirror their masters, as listed in CoS, Harry and Voldemort room superficially very comparable (both Orphans, lock look type of alike), but in actuality they could not be much more different. Rowling obviously want to provide their wands a similar relationship.

Looking at things from a "our universe" view can assist us answer countless questions, for this reason its a beneficial exercise. Because that example, other that regularly gets request in conjunction v this question is "Was Harry's personality influenced by having part of Voldemort within him?". Over there is no answer for this in the books and movies, yet if friend look in ~ what was important to Rowling, comment it i do not care trivial. Throughout the series, we view the take care of is protected from the affect of Voldemort, through love. It is thematically an extremely important the Harry's capability to love protects him. Yes, he have the right to talk to snakes, and also yes he has visions, but by and also large, the is no greatly impacted by the piece of spirit in him. Ns have complete confidence in speak Harry's personality was no a result of the soul piece inside him, since it would certainly be contrary to few of the more important themes in the books