A stunning plant with big heart-shaped leaves and also wavy edges, it’s straightforward to check out where the Elephant’s Ear obtained its typical name. That is component of the alocasia family, so that is the various other name you might hear it called. Here’s whatever you need to know to save this beautiful tree healthy and also growing over time.


Water about once a week to save soil same moist yet never soggy

Mist between waterings to carry out humidity

If leaves begin to drip readjust to watering less until dripping is under control


In prime conditions, the Elephant’s Ear grows relatively fast and can with up to 2 feet in height

Fertilize your Elephant Ear 1-2 times per month in the spring and also summer v indoor plant food, or foliar feeding year round.

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Finally, a humidity meter that actually works. Tested by our an extremely own plant Doctors, all orders of huge or Extra large Léon & George plant sets include a moisture meter.



Yellowing edges - irradiate to water ratio imbalance

Symptom - edge of the large leaves are turning yellow

Cause - unhappy through its light/water balance

Remedy - do little weekly exam of giving an ext or less light OR an ext or less water. Check one adjustment in ~ a time until yellowing has stopped.

Dark clues - overwatering

Symptom - dark brown or black color spots on the leaves, surrounding by a yellowish rim

Cause - the soil has been drenched and also caused a fungal disease, frequently this is because of overwatering or not sufficient air circulation around the plant

Remedy - remove damaged leaf or reduced off hurt areas and spray with a fungicide. Optionally, mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of mineral oil and 2-3 cup of water in a spray bottle, shiver well and spray plant evenly.


Droopy leaves - underwatering

Symptom - pipeline drooping and bending backwards

Cause - underwatering

Remedy - offer your plant a thoroughly shower, permitting all the root to have a possibility to drink and also refresh. Wait until water has drained before returning to decorative pot.

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How to preserve a beautiful and also healthy Elephant’s Ear tree (AKA alocasia)

Take treatment of your Elephant’s Ear and also it will certainly take treatment of you! listed below are basic tips to proceed caring for and also growing your Elephant’s Ear over time.

Pruning - the voluptuous leaves will certainly droop as they age. You have the right to safely trim these off v a clean blade, this will give your plant more energy come grow brand-new leaves!

Trimming - if there is just a small portion of a leaf that was damaged such as the edges, trim off any type of discoloration or blemishes by following the natural lines and shape that the leaf.

Cleaning - consistently remove dust to ensure her plant can soak in as much light together possible. Use a wet cloth and gently wipe the sheet clean while sustaining the under side v your various other hand.

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How come grow and also repot one Elephant’s Ear tree (AKA alocasia)


Growing - in prime conditions with the appropriate light/water/temperature balance, Elephant’s Ear plants are fast growers. After part time, if girlfriend don’t watch any new growth, take into consideration adjusting among its elements. During spring and also summer, use a diluted fertilizer to provide your plant a vitamin boost.

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Repotting - Léon & George’s Elephant’s ears plants come in 10” or 12” thrive pots and only need to be repotted every couple of years if you notification the roots outgrowing the pot, or come refresh the soil and also give it brand-new nutrients. If you’d favor your tree to flourish larger, find a brand-new grow pot the is 2” bigger than its present pot. If she happy with the present size, you have the right to reuse the exact same pot and also simply adjust the soil.

Getting your hands dirty through or without a yard - spread out newspaper on the floor, remove the tree from the pot and also shake off as lot of the old floor as possible so that you have actually clean roots. At the bottom of the flourish pot, and also a layer of soil, then place the plant in the center of the pot and cover with brand-new soil. Pat under firmly and also water thoroughly. Ar the plant in one area with bright indirect light. Her plant will take 2-4 mainly to work out from the shock and readjust to its brand-new home.

How to propagate one Elephant’s Ear tree (AKA alocasia)

Propagating an Elephant’s Ear tree is finest done through division and throughout spring or summer.

Divide the root - remove the tree from that container and also determine which area you will certainly divide to create brand-new plants. Make sure there is at least one bud in every clump of tubers, aka their roots. Carefully untangle the roots and pull apart through your hand or cut through with a clean sharp knife.

Place in fresh floor - location the brand-new divisions in new soil, press soil firmly and water thoroughly.

Stabilize - save freshly repotted plants in a heat area v bright indirect light, and also for Elephant’s ear the soil must be preserved moist assumed not drenched.