I"ve review that dogs do this to tempt prey. So, mine dog may want to catch birds. It"s much more likely she"ll execute this if she smells that dead worms than dog, right?

When i answered this, ns did not see the other replies. I can see where all the answer would probably be correct here.

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My dog Loves to role in numerous different stinky things prefer poop, dirt, worms, and also dead animals. I try to keep him ~ above a short leash when he tries to roll. This is an instinct characteristics left from when dogs were wild. They do it come mask their very own scent v other much less favorable scents to throw off predators. -Kathleen D.


My dog additionally does this. The loves to role in anything that I would certainly deem "gross". This is in dogs DNA to desire to cover your scent by roll in particularly stinky things. Similar to how we choose the odor of certain things i.e. Perfume, fruits, cookies, dogs have preferences too. Typically though, we execute not re-publishing those preferences.

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I protect against letting my dog execute this by maintaining him ~ above a leash as soon as outside and also using the command "leave it" when I see him approaching stated smelly stuff.

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