Nathan Myers, left, v his uncle, Clifford Williams, throughout a news conference Thursday in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Clifford Williams Jr. Was 34 and also his nephew, hobtration Nathan Myers, to be 18 back in might 1976.

They to be at a party in Jacksonville, Florida, as soon as two ladies were shooting in a surrounding apartment, among them fatally. The guys were easily arrested, convicted and also sentenced to life in prison.

~ above Thursday, the state threw the end their convictions and set them free.


Williams and Myers shook hands and also shared a long hug before emotionally joining family members members gathered in the courtroom, affiliate WFOX reported. Myers kissed the soil outside.

“I’m nervous since I feel favor I’m still locked up,” he said. “Once I acquire with mine family and also know I deserve to look ago … and also the fact hits in, i think okay be every right.”

No defense witnesses or evidence

The mrs who endured the shooting told police the Williams and also Myers emptied their firearms from the foot that the bed she mutual with the murdered woman.

yet evidence confirmed the shots were every fired outside, and from the very same gun.

Still, Williams and Myers to be convicted of murder and also attempted killing after a two-day trial. Your attorneys gift no proof or witnesses, return partygoers reported being v the males when anyone heard the shots that night.

The pair constantly maintained your innocence, transparent the trial and also the following 42 years they invested behind bars. They filed lot of failed motions for “postconviction relief,” prosecutors said.

Things started to change when castle petitioned the Conviction Integrity testimonial unit, i m sorry the state attorney produced in 2017.

among the findings: an additional man apparently confessed to people that he committed the murders and also felt bad Williams and Myers were imprisoned for it, the Conviction integrity Review examination report said. That man passed away in 1994.

The brand-new unit’s review brought about the first-of-its-kind result, through the cases being tossed.

The Conviction Integrity evaluation unit determined that “it no longer has actually confidence in the verity of the convictions,” follow to a push release native State attorney Melissa W. Nelson.

Williams, currently 76, and also Myers, 61, were wrongfully judge in the killing of Jeanette Williams (no relation) and also attempted murder of Nina Marshall, Nelson’s office said.

Marshall passed away in 2001.

judge Angela Cox vacated your convictions, and the state dismissed the indictments.

’A continuing … duty to seek justice’

“I lost almost 43 years of mine life that I deserve to never obtain back,” Myers stated in a report from the state attorney. “But i am feather ahead and also will emphasis on enjoy it my flexibility with my family.”

The state attorney created the conviction review unit in 2017 and also began reviewing Myers’ petition in 2018. Prosecutors to speak this is the an initial time an examination by the unit has led come a release.

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“We have actually a continuing, post-conviction honest obligation to seek justice when we become conscious of product evidence suggesting a conviction is not correct,” Nelson said.