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Bobby Vinton’s track “Blue top top Blue” was really successful for him, going come #3 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 in 1963. Therefore Vinton made decision to document an album that songs with “blue” in the title. (This included “Blue Moon,” “Blue Hawaii,” “Am ns Blue,” and more). Publisher Al Gallico sent out Vinton a copy of “Blue Velvet,” which was a big hit for Tony Bennett in 1951, and also Vinton contained it as component of his project. His variation of “Blue Velvet” visited #1 in 1963 on the U.S. Billboard hot 100 and also the Adult contemporary Chart. In the U.K. It went only to #33 that year, but a reissue in 1990 climbed to #2 and #7 in Australia and also #9 in southern Korea.

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Here space the text to “Blue Velvet” through Bobby Vinton:

“Blue velvet

She wore blue velvetBluer 보다 velvet to be the nightSofter than satin to be the lightFrom the stars

She wore blue velvetBluer 보다 velvet were she eyesWarmer than might her tender sighsLove to be ours

Ours a love I held tightlyFeeling the rapture growLike a flame burning brightlyBut as soon as she left, gone was the bright of

Blue velvetBut in my heart there’ll constantly bePrecious and warm, a memoryThrough the yearsAnd ns still have the right to see blue velvetThrough mine tears

She wore blue velvetBut in my heart there’ll always bePrecious and warm, a memoryThrough the yearsAnd i still deserve to see blue velvetThrough my tears

Blue velvet”

“Blue Velvet” has a long history. That was composed by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris in 1950 . There have been countless covers, consisting of a recording by The Clovers that was exit in 1954. Various other versions include those through Brenda Lee, The Lettermen, Sammy Davis, Jr., The Moonglows, The Countdown Singers, Lana Del Rey, and Barry Manilow, amongst many others. David Lynch’s 1986 movie Blue Velvet was influenced by the song and features that prominently (although creepily). No spoilers here, if friend haven’t watched it.

Vinton to be born Stanley Robert Vinton, Jr., in Canonsburg, PA, in 1935, and also his father was a bandleader. (Perry Como came from the very same town.) Bobby was in the U.S. Army and has had actually a effective musical career that spans countless decades. Besides singing, he play dram the clarinet, oboe, sax, piano, drums, and also trumpet. Few of his hits incorporate “Roses room Red (My Love),” “Blue top top Blue,” “Blue Velvet,” “There! I’ve claimed it Again,” “Mr. Lonely,” and also “My Melody of Love.”

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