Barney & friend is an live independence children’s television show created in the united States, aimed at an extremely young kids ages 1–5. The series, which first aired in 1992, features the title character Barney, a purple anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurus rex that conveys finding out through songs and small dance routines through a friendly, hopeful attitude.

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Barney the dinosaur and also Friends

Barney the Dinosaur

The main character is a purple and green Tyrannosaurus Rex in stuffed pet likeness, who pertains to life v a child’s imagination. His theme song is “Barney Is a Dinosaur,” which is sung come the track of “Yankee Doodle”. Episodes frequently end through the track “I Love You”, sung come the song of “This Old Man,” which happens to be Barney’s favorite song of every time. Despite being a carnivorous form dinosaur, Barney likes many different foods items such together fruits and also vegetables, however his key favorite is a peanut butter and also jelly sandwich v a glass that milk.Baby BopA 3 year old environment-friendly protoceratops, infant Bop has actually been ~ above the show due to the fact that the 1991 video clip “Barney in Concert”. She dead a yellow blanket, and also sings the tune “My Yellow Blankey” to present how much it way to her. She refers to herself together 3 year old. She likes come eat macaroni and also cheese and pizza. She put on a pink bow and also pink ballet slippers. She is B.J.’s small sister.B.J.

A 7 year old yellow protoceratops, B.J. Has been on the show because September 27, 1993. His theme track is “B.J.’s Song”. The wears a red baseball cap and also red sneakers (as heard in the lyrics of his theme). He has lost his hat in the episode Hats turn off to B.J.! and also sometimes claims stuff come hide fear (like in the episode Barney’s Halloween Party, he was shocked through the paper spiders and also after discovering they were fake, he stated “I knew that, type of.”). Pickles are his favourite food and also because of that, he actually has had actually them in various ways choose pickles (also through pepperoni, peppers, pineapple and also peanut butter) ~ above a pizza (in the illustration Barney’s Adventure Bus). The is baby Bop’s enlarge brother.RiffReferred as Cousin Riff by infant Bop, the is an orange 6 year old hadrosaur, that is baby Bop and B.J.’s cousin. He has been ~ above the show because September 18, 2006. The wears green sneakers. His design template music is “I listen Music Everywhere.” Riff loves music and it’s in practically everything he does. In the episode Barney – Let’s walk to the Firehouse, it to be revealed that Riff additionally likes to invent things; he created a four-sound smoke detector (the first three were various alarm sounds and the final one his very own voice). He also likes marching bands and parades as lot as Barney does.

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Over the years, much more than one hundred children have showed up as actors members top top the show. Barney & girlfriend mostly get local talent i beg your pardon is in Texas.

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