Now the MeTV is airing classic cartoons on Toon in through me, i am enjoying so many of my favorite animated programs from childhood. This morning I regarded Popeye the sailor in “ We aim to Please”. In this episode, Popeye and also Olive Oyl open a restaurant and also Wimpy reflects up. He had actually no money and says his famous signature line: “ ok gladly pay you Tuesday because that a hamburger today.” as a child, I would certainly laugh once my an excellent aunt Gladys would certainly utter this words.


In this episode, Popeye describes Olive as “Sweet Pea” and I thought of the infant girl of the same name that would be on this program when I was watching it as a young child. Imagine my surprise once I go a small research and also found the the baby’s surname is no Sweet Pea, but Swee Pea and he is a boy. This would typical that Popeye referred to Olive as Swee Pea and also I had actually misunderstood. For the longest time, once I witnessed the baby crawling the track “ which Sweet Pea" came to mind. Tommy Roe's Sweet Pea to be a girl as was among my childhood friends. We supplied to sing the hit 1966 tune to her every the time.

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Oh Sweet Pea, come on and also dance v me

Come on, come on, come on and dance with me

Oh Sweet Pea, won't you be my girl?

Won't you? Won't you? Won't you it is in my girl?

Swee' Pee an initial appeared in 1936 in the episode small Swee'pea. I noticed in the video clip that the child is wearing a seafarer hat and also looks choose a boy however I guess i did no pay attention before. Popeye choose the infant of indigenous Olive Oyl's residence which appears to indicate the kid is hers. The writers of the Rug Rats must have taken a web page from Swee Pea's book since the similarities space astounding. Just like Tommy, Phil, and Lil, small Swee Pee it s okay away from adult supervision and also has his own adventures,

Popeye's Swee Pea has also been spelled Swee'pea and Sweapea and also once was referred to as Sweep Pea. This cute tiny character is from E. C. Segar's comic piece Thimble Theatre/Popeye and also the cartoon collection that came from it. The name describes the flower well-known as the sweet pea. Infant Swee'Pea is left in a crate on Popeye's doorstep in the comic strip.(actually ceded to him in a box) in a July 24, 1933 strip. Popeye by the child and also initially, the only sound he provides is "glop". In later on episodes, Swee Pea could speak additionally throw punches once necessary. He never grew and also was constantly crawling through the tail that his gown hanging out. This is one factor I assumed the baby was a girl.

In the respectable 17, 1933 comic strip Popeye christens Swee'Pea together "Scooner Seawell Georgia Washenting Christiffer Columbia Daniel Boom". A few times in later on comics Popeye describes the baby as Scooner and also in a pair of episodes, Olive Oyl states Swee Pea is she cousin. In animated Popeye cartoons produced by Max Fleischer and later by famous Studios, Swee'Pea it to be implied that Swee Pea remained in the care of Olive Oyl. Part may have assumed this was she child, however nothing to be said about a husband or her being a widow. Olive being an unwed mother most likely was no the on purpose in those days. In the early on 1960's King features cartoons depicted Swee'Pea as Popeye's nephew.

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from 1936–1938 Mae Questel detailed the voice because that Swee'Pea until voice actress Margie Hines took end from 1938 to 1943. In the 1960s Mae Questel resumed the voice the the tike in Popeye shorts. Throughout the 1970s-1980s Marilyn Schreffler was Swee'Pea's voice. Corinne Orr had the duty of Swee'Pea in 1972's Popeye Meets The guy Who Hated Laughter. Swee'Pea to be voiced by Tabitha St. Germain in 2004 in Popeye's trip The quest for Pappy. Five women lending their voices to the role may be one more reason the some believed the infant to it is in a girl.