3. “Why did you carry out it anyway?” the says.“I don’t know. To present them the I’m an ext than simply a piece in their Games?” ns say.

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In this snippet the conversation, Katniss replies to Peeta once he asks why she chose on she blatantly rebellious demonstration to the Gamemakers. Notably, the quote recalls other Peeta claimed in the very first novel that the collection before he and Katniss contended in the Hunger Games. In that instance, he to be saying he didn’t desire the gamings to readjust his character and change him right into a killer. He wanted to maintain his integrity and also humanity. It to be a kind of rebellion versus the Capitol and the Games, i m sorry dehumanize the tributes by turning their slaughter into entertainment. Katniss echoes that rebellion here, though her thinking is different. What she go in her demonstration to be pretend to cave a dummy through the surname of the ahead Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, composed on the front. Seneca Crane was executed ~ Katniss’s and also Peeta’s suicide stunt in ~ the end of the Games, and the act was intended to remind the Gamemakers that his fate and also suggest the they might suffer the same. Katniss’s act, in other words, was an strike on the Gamemakers and also wasn’t around maintaining her personal integrity.

Maybe an ext importantly, it was also intended to show them the they couldn’t manage her. The Capitol strict regiments whatever that occurs in Panem utilizing the danger of violence come keep civilization in line. The gamings are probably the ideal example. They exist to remind the districts the the Capitol have the right to crush them at will and to make them feeling powerless. It’s that regulate that Katniss and many the the human being in the districts rebel against. Katniss’s demonstration verified that she wasn’t fear of displease them and displayed a contemptuous neglect for their control. As soon as Katniss tells Peeta she did the to display them she’s an ext than a item in your Games, she way quite literally that she wanted to make it clear the they can’t determine how she behaves.

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