'Self-Made Mansions' look at TV favorite organize Clinton Kelly earlier on screen. Here's every you have to know about the writer and TV personality

Stylists Clinton Kelly (L) and also Stacy London (Getty Images)

His job has always revolved about lifestyle, from publish to TV, here"s a look in ~ Kelly"s interesting life.

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Kelly began off as a writer

Before authorized the team of "What no To Wear", Kelly operated as a freelance writer, his main topics were fitness, travel and also relationships. Having written for numerous publications, he went on to become an editor at Marie Claire and also then a deputy editor at Mademoiselle, he wrote for the last under the pen surname "Joe L"Amour". It"s these two stints that brought about his official development to the world of fashion.

Post this, he went top top to become to executive, management editor that DNR — a men"s weekly fashion and retail profession magazine. Back he"s made his foray into TV and established himself, he continues to write — that contributes come Women"s Day as a columnist and also style expert. He"s additionally a published author, having actually written a variety of books, among the most renowned ones being — "I dislike Everyone other than You" a memoir that functions a set of humorous and candid essays.

Kelly is happy married

Kelly married his partner, Damon Bayles back in 2009. The two have now to be married for 11 years. Bayles is a psychologist and also while Kelly is quite energetic on social media and also in the limelight, Bayles prefers to remain out of the same. They have actually an lover Jack Russell terrier, Mary. A rescue dog, mar is frequently featured in Kelly"s short articles — she"s absolutely a fan-favorite!

A clinical psychologist, Bayles has dedicated in depression, substance abuse, addiction and also anxiety. He began his career after examining Bachelor the Arts at Brown University and psychology at Yeshiva University. Reportedly, he functions as a exclusive psychotherapist in ~ Greenwich Village, brand-new York and also conducts seminars for Equinox health Clubs. The 2 tied the knot in 2009 in ~ their house in Bantam, Connecticut.

Kelly has actually a net worth the $4 million

According to Celebrity net Worth, Kelly currently has a net worth that $4 million. He currently dons many roles, seeing the he"s a reality TV present host, an author and also a writer. He has a insanity famous clothes line in partnership through QVC referred to as “Kelly by Clinton Kelly”, and also has partnerships through brands such together Macys, Dole Salads, Chambord, The Pampered Chef and also Tiki Brand.

Clinton Kelly (Getty Images)

"Self-Made Mansions" Season 1 will have a total of six episodes, girlfriend can record them ~ above Wednesdays at 8 afternoon ET top top HGTV.




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