Charlotte Ritchie is collection to appear on Channel 4’s Taskmaster in march 2021. Let’s acquire to know more about the comedian, native her partner to career!

Taskmaster is ago in 2021 through its eleventh series. The show an initial aired in 2015 ~ above Dave, however, it relocated to Channel 4 in 2020. Developed a co-presented through comedian Alex Horne, Taskmaster sees numerous comedians tasked through all type of challenges. Judging the display is The Inbetweeners star Greg Davies.

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Taskmaster series 11 airs top top Thursdays at 9 pm. Contestants top top the present in 2021 include Charlotte Ritchie, Lee Mack, Mike Wozniak, Kerry Godliman, Jamali Maddix and more.


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Who is Charlotte Ritchie?

Charlotte Ritchie is a 31-year-old comedian who flourished up in London.

Charlotte attended college of Bristol and also completed her research studies while appearing in Fresh Meat. The actress and comedian landed duties in reflects such as Life that Riley and Doctors early on in her career.

Her comedy career started out in 2009 as soon as she appeared in Life that Riley, she walk on to play Melissa “Oregon” Shawcross in Fresh Meat in 2011.

Prior to her much more prominent TV and film roles, Charlotte play a college student in Harry Potter and the Goblet the Fire in 2005.

Meet Charlotte’s partner, Mae

Charlotte Ritchie is in a relationship with Mae boy name in 2021. Mae, 33, is likewise a comedian and actor, as well as a writer.

She hails from Toronto, Canada and her dad is one award-winning food writer called James Chatto.

Mae’s job kicked off rather young together she was a member that comedy troupe – The Young and also the Useless – ~ leaving institution aged 15. According to The Guardian, in her teenage years, “mingling through older comics caused drugs, ill-advised relationships and also eventually rehab“.

In 2020 Mae co-created and also starred in Feel Good i m sorry aired ~ above Channel 4 and also Netflix. Charlotte played the function of George in the TV series.

In march 2021, Charlotte congratulated her companion on to win the royal Television society Breakthrough compensation 2021 because that Feel Good, composing “Yesss
TheMaeMartin no Xx” ~ above Twitter.

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Mae and also Charlotte’s podcasts

Together, Mae and Charlotte have appeared on Deborah Frances-White’s The Guilty Feminist podcast as one-of-a-kind guests.

Mae has actually a podcast of she own, Mae Martin’s overview to 21st Century Sexuality, i m sorry airs ~ above BBC Four.

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The Canada-born stand-up comedian is regularly a guest star on various other people’s podcasts including the Good project with Beth Roars Podcast and James Acaster’s Perfect Sounds.


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