Preoccupied by his love because that Daisy, Gatsby calls off his parties, i beg your pardon were primarily a method to lure Daisy. He also fires his servants to prevent gossip and replaces them through shady individuals linked to Meyer Wolfsheim.

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On the hottest job of the summer, Nick take away the train to east Egg for having lunch at the residence of Tom and also Daisy. He find Gatsby and also Jordan Baker there together well. Once the nurse brings in Daisy’s baby girl, Gatsby is stunned and also can hardly believe that the kid is real. For her part, Daisy seems practically uninterested in her child. During the aer afternoon, Gatsby and also Daisy can not hide your love because that one another. Complaining of she boredom, Daisy asks Gatsby if he wants to go into the city. Gatsby stares at her passionately, and Tom becomes particular of their feelings for each other.

Itching for a confrontation, Tom seizes top top Daisy’s ide that they should all walk to brand-new York together. Nick rides through Jordan and also Tom in Gatsby’s car, and Gatsby and Daisy ride with each other in Tom’s car. Preventing for gas in ~ Wilson’s garage, Nick, Tom, and Jordan find out that Wilson has found his wife’s infidelity—though no the identity of she lover—and plan to move her come the West. Under the brooding eyes of physician T. J. Eckleburg, Nick perceives the Tom and Wilson are in the very same position.

In the oppressive brand-new York City heat, the team decides to take a suite at the Plaza Hotel. Tom initiates his to plan confrontation v Gatsby by mocking his habit that calling human being “old sport.” that accuses Gatsby the lying around having to visit Oxford. Gatsby responds that he did to visit Oxford—for five months, in an army program following the war. Tom asks Gatsby about his intentions for Daisy, and Gatsby replies the Daisy loves him, not Tom. Tom insurance claims that he and Daisy have actually a background that Gatsby can not maybe understand. He climate accuses Gatsby of to run a bootlegging operation.

Daisy, in love through Gatsby earlier in the afternoon, feel herself moving closer and closer to Tom as she observes the quarrel. Realizing he has actually bested Gatsby, Tom sends Daisy back to long Island through Gatsby to prove Gatsby’s inability to pains him. Together the heat quiets down, Nick realizes the it is his thirtieth birthday.

Driving ago to long Island, Nick, Tom, and Jordan find a frightening scene on the border of the valley of ashes. Someone has actually been fatally fight by an automobile. Michaelis, a Greek male who operation the restaurant beside Wilson’s garage, tells them the Myrtle was the victim—a auto coming from new York City win her, paused, then sped away. Nick realizes that Myrtle must have actually been hit by Gatsby and also Daisy, driving earlier from the city in Gatsby’s huge yellow automobile. Tom thinks the Wilson will certainly remember the yellow automobile from the afternoon. He also assumes the Gatsby was the driver.

Back in ~ Tom’s house, Nick waits outside and also finds Gatsby hiding in the bushes. Gatsby states that he has actually been waiting there in order come make sure that Tom did no hurt Daisy. He tells Nick the Daisy to be driving as soon as the automobile struck Myrtle, however that the himself will certainly take the blame. Still worried around Daisy, Gatsby sends Nick to inspect on her. Nick find Tom and Daisy eat cold fried chicken and also talking. They have actually reconciled their differences, and also Nick pipeline Gatsby was standing alone in the moonlight.


Chapter 7 brings the conflict between Tom and also Gatsby right into the open, and their confrontation end Daisy bring to the surface troubling facets of both characters. Transparent the previous chapters, ideas have been accumulating about Gatsby’s criminal activity. Research into the matter confirms Tom’s suspicions, and also he wields his knowledge of Gatsby’s illegal tasks in front of everyone to disgrace him. Likewise, Tom’s sexism and hypocrisy become clearer and more obtrusive throughout the course of the confrontation. He has no ethical qualms about his own extramarital affairs, but when confronted with his wife’s infidelity, he assumes the place of outraged victim.

The prestige of time and also the previous manifests chin in the confrontation in between Gatsby and Tom. Gatsby’s obsession through recovering a blissful past compels him come order Daisy come tell Tom that she has actually never loved him. Gatsby requirements to recognize that she has always loved him, that she has constantly been emotionally faithful to him. Similarly, pleading v Daisy, Tom invokes their intimate personal background to repeat her that she has had feelings for him; by managing the past, Tom eradicates Gatsby’s vision that the future. That Tom feeling secure enough to send Daisy ago to east Egg through Gatsby confirms Nick’s monitoring that Gatsby’s dream is dead.

Gatsby’s decision to take the blame because that Daisy displayed the deep love the still feels for her and illustrates the straightforward nobility that defines his character. Disregarding her practically capricious lack of issue for him, Gatsby sacrifices himself for Daisy. The photo of a pitiable Gatsby keeping watch outside her residence while she and Tom sit comfortably within is one indelible picture that both allows the reader to look past Gatsby’s criminality and also functions together a moving metaphor for the love Gatsby feels towards Daisy.

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Nick’s parting from Gatsby in ~ the end of this chapter parallels his an initial sighting that Gatsby at the finish of chapter 1. In both cases, Gatsby was standing alone in the moonlight pining because that Daisy. In the earlier instance, he follow me his eight out towards the eco-friendly light across the water, optimistic about the future. In this instance, he has actually made it past the environment-friendly light, top top the lawn of Daisy’s house, but his dream is unable to do forever.