it is said that Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody died during the "Battle the the 7 Potters", yet Ron stated that the was possible he didn"t. Bill stated that he saw a eco-friendly light (avada kedavra) offered on him, however he to be under attack, therefore he can have checked out wrong as result of the pressure of the situation. They likewise didn"t discover his body, for this reason he could have run away.

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Is there any kind of proof the Moody in reality died?



Per the Pottermore write-up on Moody.


Note that even if the wasn"t currently dead (as a an outcome of the killing curse) he"d have actually perished in the fall because he had actually no wand v which to cast a spell favor arresto momentum.

‘But Bill witnessed him fight by the killing Curse,’ said Harry. ‘Yeah, but Bill was under attack too,’ claimed Ron. ‘How deserve to he be certain what that saw?’ ‘Even if the death Curse missed, Mad-Eye tho fell about a thousands feet,’ said Hermione, now weighing Quidditch groups of Britain and Ireland in she hand. ‘He might have supplied a Shield Charm –’ ‘Fleur stated his wand was blasted the end of his hand,’ stated Harry.


Pottermore lists Moody"s death as 27 July, 1997. The doesn"t get more canon than Pottermore.

Not to point out that Umbridge had actually Moody"s eye in she door in the ministry (this isn"t displayed in the films).

In the Deathly Hallows we view the door Umbridge"s room is decorated v a an especially familiar eye:


In the books, she supplies it to spy on she employees, making use of a telescope-like thingy mounted on the inner side of she door. Take care of & Co take the eye out when they leave the Ministry, and bury that under the oldest and strongest tree they deserve to find.


No canonical proof

There are several reasons why one would think that Mad-Eye Moody died.

“We were just talking about Mad-Eye,” Ron said Harry. “I reckon he can have survived.” “But Bill saw him struggle by the death Curse,” claimed Harry. “Yeah, but Bill to be under attack too,” said Ron. “How have the right to he be certain what the saw?” “Even if the death Curse missed, Mad-Eye tho fell about a thousands feet,” said Hermione, currently weighing Quidditch groups of Britain and also Ireland in she hand. “He can have used a Shield Charm —” “Fleur claimed his wand was blasted the end of his hand,” claimed Harry. “Well, all right, if you want him to be dead,” said Ron grumpily, punching his pillow into a an ext comfortable shape. “Of course we don’t want him to be dead!” claimed Hermione, looking shocked. “It’s tragic that he is dead! yet we’re gift realistic!” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - thing Six)

Bill saw him gift hit with killing curse. that may have actually thought he experienced the wrong thing in the rush of battle.He didn"t have actually his wand. Again we might doubt Fleur"s testimony, however there are other answers as well. Wandless magic is something i m sorry is possible in the HP universe. Alternatively, someone else might have cast the spell, such as fatality eaters that intended to capture and also torture him.Umbridge end up through his magical eye If Mad-eye was captured by death Eaters, castle would have actually undoubtedly eliminated the eye, and also he may have been unable to retrieve it before escaping. If he wasn"t captured, it"s still possible that that bounced out as soon as he walk hit the ground and also he had to conveniently flee the scene.

However, the main trouble with the being alive is the he never shows up again in canon, and also Rowling has offered no indications the he is tho alive. For this reason it"s probably safe to assume (like all the personalities do) the Mad-Eye dies, yet there is no really proof.

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Out-of-Universe, the name of the thing is Fallen Warrior, and also Mad-Eye"s death does serve a purpose in setting the ton of the story. These would certainly all indicate that Mad-Eye died, but again not actual proof.