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In chapter 22 that Harper Lee"s To kill a Mockingbird, Jem"s challenge grows "streaked with angry tears" together he declares, "It ain"t right, Atticus ." prior to that moment, Jem grasps the balcony rail so tough his hands were white and also "his shoulders jerked" through each guilty...

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In thing 22 the Harper Lee"s To death a Mockingbird, Jem"s confront grows "streaked through angry tears" together he declares, "It ain"t right, Atticus." before that moment, Jem grasps the balcony rail so difficult his hands to be white and also "his shoulders jerked" with each guilty decision from the jury that Judge Taylor read. The reason because that Jem"s reaction is that saw, just as Atticus saw, the the evidence the the case clearly indicated Tom Robinson"s innocence, not guilt.Jem begins to demonstrate how much he understands the evidence is pointing come Ewell"s own guilt the moment Sheriff Tate testifies that Mayella had been bruised top top the appropriate side of her face and also had bruises circling her entire neck indigenous a strangle hold. The best side of her confront could only have been bruised through a left-handed man dealing with her, and also a man would require to be able to use both the his hand to bruise her whole neck. Atticus and also Robinson know the significance of Sheriff Tate"s testimony, as confirmed by the truth that they exchange words. Jem is reportedly observant and also old sufficient to likewise register the significance, as presented in the truth that Tate"s testimony renders Jem exceptionally happy. Jem likewise demonstrates he understands the evidence points to Ewell"s guilt throughout Ewell"s own testimony. Atticus cleverly asks Ewell to compose his name prior to the court come prove the Ewell is ambidextrous. Jem demonstrates his knowledge of the prestige of this evidence when he pounds the rail in excitement and also whispers, "We"ve gained him"; in speak "him," Jem method Ewell (Ch. 17).The many telling minute in the psychological is when, during Mayella"s testimony, Atticus has actually Robinson stand prior to the court to expose his shriveled left arm and hand, and also Jem exclaims, "Scout, look! Reverend, he"s crippled!" (Ch. 18). Jem can very easily deduce that if Robinson"s left eight is crippled, he can not possibly have hit Mayella in the ideal side the her challenge nor strangled her v both hands. Ewell to be the only one present at the scene of the alleged crime that has demonstrated the capacity to usage his left hand.Since Jem sees clearly just just how much the proof proves Robinson"s innocence and also points come Ewell"s guilt, Jem is shocked beyond id to hear the verdict of the jury. Hence, Jem cries because he knows an chaste man has just been convicted based on racism, i beg your pardon is specifically what Jem way when the says, "It ain"t right, Atticus" (Ch. 22).