So we have here, it says 2 times4/3 is equal to 8 times blank. And what ns encourage you to dois stop the video right currently and try to think around whatshould walk in this blank. Therefore I'm assumingyou've offered your try. Now, let's think v this. Therefore 2 time 4/3, we deserve to literallyview that as the very same thing as-- if we rewrite the 4/3, thisis the very same thing together 2 times-- rather of writing4/3 like this, I'm literally walk towrite that as four 1/3's. And I know it sounds prefer I justsaid the same thing over again. However I'm accurate going to write1/3 four times-- 1/3 add to 1/3 plus 1/3 plus 1/3. If you contact each ofthese 1/3, friend literally have 4 of them. This is four 1/3's. 2 times 4/3 is the exact same thing as2 times, literally, four 1/3's. Now, what would certainly this be? Well, this is walking to it is in equalto-- allow me just copy and paste this-- is walk tobe this two times. Therefore copy, and also thenlet me dough it. So that's one team ofthose 1/3's, that those 4 1/3's, or one group ofone of these 4 1/3's. And also then, we'llhave one more one. And then, we'llhave one more one. And also we're walking toadd lock together. That's accurate 2 times 4/3. For this reason let's add these together. Currently what do we have? Well, we have actually a bunch that 1/3's. And we must count them up. We have actually one, two, three, four,five, 6 , seven, eight 1/3's. This is literallyequal to-- and we could, just to make itclear what I've just done, we might ignore theparentheses and just include up all of these points together. Therefore that can make ita tiny bit clearer. Therefore let me carry out that just tomake it clear that i literally take-- I've taken eight 1/3'sand I'm adding them together, which is the exactsame point as 8/3. So let me clear that, and also let meclear that, let me clear that. And also so this is literally, orthis is clearly, or hopefully clearly, same to 8 time 1/3. I have 8 1/3's there. So going earlier to theoriginal question, what is this same to? 2 times 4/3 is the samething as 8 times 1/3. And also we've already seenthat 8 time 1/3, well, that's precise 8/3. So we could likewise writeit choose this-- 8 over 3. Let me execute that 3 in thatother color-- 8 end 3.

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Multiplying unit fractions and whole number
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Multiplying unit fractions and also whole number
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