If irradiate waves travel faster than sound tide in the air, why perform they take trip slower 보다 sound waves in water?Is there any difference in exactly how light and sound tide refract when they enter the water?


Light travels much faster than sound even in water. If you are asking why sound is slower as soon as it is in air than water, and also why light is quicker in air than in water, right here is why:

Light waves are electromagnetic transversal waves. They deserve to travel through a vacuum and also any corpuscle they call slow them down. So as soon as they relocate through denser water they room slowed under more.

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Sound waves room compressional tide that happen by corpuscle hitting every other and also moving the vibration along. Water molecules are an ext tightly compacted together so the vibrations can travel much more easily than through air.

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In a sense, the question is a little confused, due to the fact that light waves travel much faster than sound waves also in water.

So, ns guess what you want to ask is: the irradiate waves travel slower in water than take trip in air, yet the sound waves travel quicker in water than travel in air, what renders the different tendency?

I think the reason possibly light and also sound are different in essence.

light tide is transverse wave, sound tide is longitudinal wave.

light is electromagnetic wave, it produced by the electron transition, electromagnetic wave is the transmit of energy, it travels don"t depend on medium. The exsit of tool will then minimize the travel of light, the water reduce stronger than air.

Sound is created by the vibration of matter, it travel by the matter connect with every other. So it rely on the medium, the density of water are larger than air, climate the interaction between the water molecule are larger than wait molecule. It leads to the speed of sound tide in water are bigger than in air.

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If irradiate waves travel faster than sound waves in the air, why do they travel slower 보다 sound waves in water?

They don"t.

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Google "speed of sound in water" = 1498 meters every second

Google "speed of irradiate in water" = 225,000 kilometers per second

The 2nd is much bigger than the first. :-)

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