Imagine that you have to tell a friend how to acquire from the classroom to the cafeteria. How would you offer the directions? would certainly you give a list of measures to follow? Or would certainly you say the the cafeteria is alongside the office? offering directions and also describing a ar are examples of geography.

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Geography is the study of the world. The explores the people, the places, and the environment. There space five straightforward ideas, or themes. These concepts explain how geography connects the world. The 5 themes are location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and also region.

Location answer the question, Where are we? It speak you wherein one point is in relation to another. There are two ways to talk around location. Over there is pure location and relative location.

Mt. Everest is component of the Himalayan Mountains. It lies ~ above the border the Tibet and Nepal.

Absolute Location offers the specific spot on the earth where a ar is found. It offers special instructions dubbed latitude and also longitude (global location).

Moscow, Russia is located 55° phibìc latitude, 37° eastern longitude.

Relative Location is not an exact location. The tells whereby a place is by describing locations near it.

Canada is north of the united States.

Place answers the question, What kind of ar is it? It tells you what a location is like. Places have human and physical features. Part physical attributes are mountains, rivers, soil, beaches, plants, climate, and animals. Places deserve to change. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or alters in climate can make lasting changes to a place.

Places also have human features. These attributes come native the ideas and also actions the people. Civilization make transforms to the places. People build roads, bridges, cities, and also grow food.

The thoughts people have around a place come from your experiences. How world describe a ar tells you how they think. It tells you what is vital to them. Think about the human and physical attributes of her hometown. Exactly how do they shape your life?

The Eiffel Tower is a landmark in Paris.

Human-environment interaction answer the question, how do people and the environment affect each other? This template looks in ~ how human being interact v their environments. World use their atmosphere in different ways. In dry areas, human being might build dams come collect big amounts of water. Then civilization can usage the water during dry periods as soon as there is no rain. In wet areas, human being might use boats to travel from ar to place. Some changes people make can cause problems. Pollution is a problem. Sometimes, weather can harm people. Some areas have floods, mudslides, or wildfires.

In south-east Asia, farmers use water buffalo to plow the land because that rice fields.

Movement answer the question, how do people, goods, and ideas acquire from one location to another? Movement method change. The research of movement shows just how people and goods travel (import and export). It additionally explains how people bring new ideas come other areas of the world. Can you think of ideas that relocated from other areas? how would your life readjust if you had to take trip by horse or camel?

Ancient profession routes dubbed the Silk Road permitted people, goods, and also ideas totravel throughout Europe and also Asia.

Region answers the question, What makes one area like another area? The planet is divided into regions. A region is one area that has the same features. These features can be comparable plant life or the same geographical area. Or the people in a an ar may have actually the same religious beliefs or speak the same language. Life in a mountain region is really different indigenous life in a valley. By comparing regions, you have the right to see exactly how they space alike or different.

This photo shows some attributes of a desert region. It is a hot, dry climate with few plants or animals.

The human being living in the Basque an ar have their very own language and customs. This an ar is in between Spain and France. In the past, the ocean and also mountains kept civilization from leaving the region.

Map that Basque Region

The an ar includes 4 provinces, or areas, indigenous Spain: Bizkaia, Araba, Gipuzkoa, and Nafarroa. It likewise covers three provinces in France: Lupurdi, Benafarroa, and Zuberoa. Over three million civilization live here.

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The 5 themes of location are location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region. These themes assist us understand how people and also places are linked in the world. Geographers use the 5 themes to aid them research the world and also organize ideas.

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