a population of chipmunks moved to an atmosphere where lock had little competition. Their population quickly increased, yet eventually stabilized as shown in the graph. I beg your pardon statement finest explains why the population stabilized? a) a predator pertained to the area and also occupied the very same niche as the chipmunksb) the populace size became restricted due to components such as access of foodc) interbreeding between members that the populace increased the mutation rated) an increase in the chipmunk populace caused boost in the producer population

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an environment can support just as plenty of organisms together the available energy, mineral, and oxygen will certainly allow. Which ax is finest described by this explain a) homeostatic controlb) transporting capacityc) organic feedbackd) organic diversity
which group consists of terms that space all directly connected with one of the organisms displayed in the chart belowa) herbivore, prey, autotroph, hostb) producer, parasite, fungus, fishc) carnivore, predator, heterotroph, multicellulard) predator, scavenger, decomposer, consumer
which statement finest describes a characteristics of one ecosystem? a) that is stable because it has consumers come recycle energyb) that must have producers and consumers yet not decomposersc) it always has 2 or an ext different autotrophs filling the same niched) the must have organisms that carry out strophic nutrition
areas with plenty of different niches will most likely havea) great diversity among the organismsb) large numbers that organisms that will end up being extinctc) little diversity among the organismsd) no organisms that will come to be extinct
which declare illustrates a biotic resource interacting through an abiotic resource?a) a wind causes waves to kind a lakeb) a sea tortoise transports a pilot fish come foodc) a plant absorbs sunlight, i beg your pardon is used for photosynthesisd) a absent moves during an earthquake
8) which environmental term contains everything stood for in the illustration below?a) populationb) communityc) ecosystemd) species
imported animal species often disrupt one ecosystem because in their brand-new environment, they will certainly mist most likely a) be unable to develop offspring b) have actually no natural enemiesc) eliminate the hereditary variation the the autotrophs d) boost the number of mutations in the herbivores
which human task would have the mo direct affect in the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle?a) destroying big forest areasb) to decrease the usage of waterc) enforcing laws that prevent the usage of leaded gasolined) to reduce the rate of ecological succession
the visibility of helminth in an animal will usually result ina) an increase in meiotic task within frameworks of the hostb) rise in genetic mutation price in the organize organismc) the i can not qualify of the organize to maintain homeostasis d) the death of the hold organism in ~ 24 hours
a particular varieties of unicellular biology inhabits the intestines that termites, whereby the unicellular biology are defended from predators. Wood that is ingested by the termites, is spend by the unicellular organisms, forming food because that termites. The relationship in between these 2 types can be explained as? a) harmful ro both b) parasite/hostc) predator/preyd)beneficial come both
communities have attempted to control the dimension of mosquito populaces to prevent the spread of particular diseases such together malaria and encephalitis. I beg your pardon control method is most most likely to cause the least eco-friendly damage?a) draining the swamps whereby mosquitos breedb) increasing populations of aboriginal fish that feed ~ above mosquito larvae in the swampsc) spraying oil end swamps to suffocate mosquito larvae d) spraying swamps with chemical pesticide to kill mosquitos
eating a sweet potato provides power for human metabolic processes. The original resource of this power is the energya) from strength molecules are soaked up by the potato plantb) in protein molecule stored in ~ the potato c) made easily accessible by photosynthesisd) in vitamins and also minerals found in the soil
although 3 different types of butterflies every inhabit the same flower garden in an area, competition in between the butterflies rarely occurs. The most most likely explanation for this lack of compete is the these butterfliesa) re-superstructure food with each otherb) have a restricted supply of foodc) space able come interbreedd) occupy various niches
a food web is much more stable then a food chain due to the fact that a food web a) to reduce the number of niches in the ecosystem b) includes an ext consumers 보다 producers c) includes alternative pathways for energy flowd) transfers every one of the producer power to herbivores
the high wetland plant, violet loosestrife, was lugged from Europe come the us in the early 1800 together a garden plant. The plants development is now widespread across the united state that is crowding out a # of indigenous plants. This is an example ofa) one unintended effect if adding a types to one ecosystemb) the outcomes of the usage of pesticides c) the circulation of energy existing in every ecosystemsd) the recycling the nutrients
what will most likely an outcome after a fire or other herbal disaster loss an ecosystem in a specific area?a) an ecosystem similar to the initial one will ultimately be reestablished if the climate is stableb) a stable ecosystem through be reestablished after ~ one year c) the area will stay uninhabited because that an indefinite variety of centuries d) the secure ecosystem the becomes reestablished in the space will be various from the original
a) one ecosystem similar to the initial one will eventually be reestablished if the climate is stable
which sequence reflects a correct pathway because that the flow of power in a food chain?a) fungi--beetle--algae--mouseb) bacteria--grass--fox--owlc) grass--grasshopper--frog--snaked) algae--snake--duck--deer
a major reason the humans have actually negatively affected the setting in the past is that people havea) generally lacked an knowledge of just how their activities affect the atmosphere b) passed regulations to protect particular wetlandsc) check to control their population growthd) discontinued the use of specific chemicals offered to control insects
toxic chemicals called PCBs, created as a an outcome of an outcome of manufacturing processes, to be dumped right into the Hudson River. What was the likely a result of this action on fish in the Hudson?a) the fish populations increasedb) part fish come to be unfit come eatc) the delivering capacity because that fish in the Hudsond) thermal pollution of the river increased, decreasing the fish population
to ensure eco-friendly equality because that the future, each individual shoulda) proceed to take part in deforestationb) usage earth"s finite resourcesc) add and take away organisms from ecosystems d) acquire and also apply understanding of eco-friendly principles
chittengo drops state park in main new york state is the only recognized habitat because that an endangered types of aquatic snail. Air pollution of its water supply and also reduction the its habitat have threatened because that the future the this snail. I beg your pardon step could be required to the defend this varieties of snaila) banning human tasks that damaged the habitat b) crossbreeding the snail with one more speciesc) transferring the snail to a terrestrial environmentd) introducing a new snail predator right into the habitat
which exercise would many likely deplete a no renewable natural resource?a) structure a dam and also a power plant to usage water come generate power b) harvesting tree on a tree farmc) restricting water consumption during a period of water shortage d) burning charcoal to generate electrical power in a strength plant
nitrogen that is provided by tree is in the form of a) nitrogen monoxide b) nitratesc) ammoniad) nitrogen gas
the chemistry the aquatic ecosystems is identified by thea) amount of salts, nutrients, and also oxygen liquified in waterb) the # of other organism protect against in the waterc) lot of rainfall the water receives d) biotic and abiotic factors in the water
water lilies perform not grow in desert sand due to the fact that water access to these plants in a desert isa) a limiting factorb) a lava flowc) farm and land abandonedd) a major storm
an organism that uses energy to develop its own food supply from not natural compounds is called a a) heterotrophb) consumerc) detritivired) autotroph
during a long duration when there is no rainfall, a mountain lion might temporarily have actually its usual searching territory come drink indigenous a farm pond. This actions is probably due to a) its must find different foods come eatb) the readjust in one abiotic components in its environment c) its need to find a new habitat d) the adjust in a biotic element in the environment
why are all fossil fuel nonrenewable?a) castle require thousands of millions of years to comeb) your ecosystems adjust forever as soon as they are burnedc) they space covered to carbon dioxide when they are burnedd) castle exist in a very small supply
in a logistic development curve, exponential growth is the phase in i m sorry the populationa) reaches delivering capacityb) grows quickly and couple of animals room dying c) growth starts to sluggish downd) expansion stops
as DDT move uo the trophic level in food chains, or food webs, that is concentrationa) stays the sameb) increasesc) decreasesd) is eliminated
in rwanda, over there are much more young kids than teenagers, and more teenagers than adults. This period structure indicates a population thata) has actually stopped growingb) will dual in 30 yearsc) has a steady development rated) will decrease in 30 years
there space 150 street cacti plants per square kilometer in a details area the arizona desert. Come which population characteristics does this details refer?a) development rateb) geographical distributionc) period structured) population density
which country has no yet perfect the demography transition?a) USb) indiac) an excellent Britaind) japan
temperatures on earth remain within a suitable range for life together we understand it since of thea) unequal heating of earth"s surfaceb) lose of warmth to spacec) radiation the sunlight ago into the atmosphered) greenhouse effect
which would certainly be most likely to be influenced by a density-dependant limiting factor?a) a small, scattered populationb) a population with a vast birthratec) a large, dense populace d) a population with a substantial immigration rate
the sulfur and nitrogen compound in smog incorporate with water to forma) ozoneb) ammoniac) acid raind) chlorofluorocarbons
the expression carrying capacity refers toa) the maximum possible weight of an separation, personal, instance organismb) the variety of organisms a habitat have the right to supportc) save on computer extra food because that the winterd) delivering food to biology in one area
identify 2 variables other than the size of the lynx populace that can impact the dimension of the hare population
explain why many ecologists would agree through the declare "a forest ecosystem is an ext stable than a cornfield"
there is much more biodiversity in a woodland than in a corn field, allowing types to have an ext available energy. If a species were to decline greatly in population in a cornfield, the eco-friendly balance would certainly be thrown turn off immediately, whereby as in a forest, the ecosystem would continue to be stable




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