The statement which can possibly not be true is C -" liquid X have the right to exist as a steady phase in ~ 25°C, 1atm."


Triple allude is the suggest where a problem co-exist as solid liquid and also gas. In ~ any allude other 보다 the triple point, the substance exist as a single phase substance.

As shown in the diagram, liquid cannot exist as a stable phase at 1atm( below the the triple allude pressure the 2atm) as the liquid have the right to only exist past the push of triple point.


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The statement: Japanese and German industries have actually much better quality control methods than we carry out would not be an ideal main point because the thessis is solely focusing top top the U.S

The animals in George Orwell"s pet Farm publication were responsible that the death of your dream. The element to sustain this debate is:

B. The animals do no think because that themselves.


In Geroge Orwell"s pet Farm the pets are an extremely susceptible come be convinced by leaders. Napoleon the pig lies come them, manipulates them and also manages to do everything he wants because he develops authority and power v the aid of his allies. The animals always believed their leaders and also never questioned them. They had no an essential thinking for this reason they always followed napoleon and also snowball ideas. Never ever thinking by themselves.

The correct answer is D) the use of tamed dogs assisted humans hunt huge NorthAmerican pets to extinction.

The statement that could be true based upon the timeline is “the use of trained dogs helped humans hunt huge NorthAmerican pets to extinction.”

The timeline begins in 2.58 million BCE, once the last Ice age began, and ends in the current day. In 11,000 BCE, humans domesticated animals, and by 9,000 BCE, extinction of large animals occuerred in north America. So v this information, the statement that might be true based upon the timeline is “the use of domesticated dogs assisted humans hunt large NorthAmerican animals to extinction.”


multiple settings

reasoning evidence

novels have actually multiple settings. A setting is a place or surrounding when a main occasion or occasion takes place. Not every little thing happens in just one step or setting. Yes, there deserve to be one *main* setting, but there is definitely not simply one. B is incorrect. Novels perform not have restricted characters. There are many characters in a novel, depending on how many the writer desire to add in. C is incorrect. Over there is not just a solitary theme. There are countless themes. One more word for "theme" is the subject. There have the right to be plenty of subjects and topics. As soon as again, there space many, depending on however many the writer wishes to include or include. D is incorrect. Yes, novels *can* have actually no solutions, based on what the writer would like. Yet typically, novels have actually a solution. The solution could be in "book 5", yet there is typically still a solution.


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Laura is creating a report about the natural resources of mississippi. She will collect information about the organic resources from numerous different sources. One will certainly be a multimedia encyclopedia. As soon as she searches for information in a multimedia encyclopedia, she finds four results. Three of the outcomes will laura, but one will not her. Which of these short articles will not laura create her report? a) "the oil of mississippi" b) "the lumber of mississippi" c) "the politics of mississippi" d) "the natural gas of mississippi"