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term In hospitals, automated equipment for registering patients and also tracking your encounters are frequently known together _____ systems.

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Definition ADT
Term carriers that sell devoted Internet applications, such as an EMR or patient registration system, that can otherwise be as well expensive for a health treatment organization are known as _____.
Definition b. One application organization provider Correct
Term which of the adhering to systems is designed mainly to support patient care by offering healthcare professionals accessibility to timely, complete, and also relevant details for patient treatment purposes?
Definition b. Clinical information system
Term i m sorry of the following information equipment is provided for collecting, verifying, and also reporting check results?
Definition a. Laboratory details system
Term i beg your pardon of the following systems focuses on giving reports and information to managers for day-to-day to work of the organization?
Term A management details system is various from a strategy decision support mechanism in that it produce reports because that _____ and tactical decision making.
Definition OPERATIONAL assistance SYSTEM
Term Interoperability way that the data exchange across different info systems, software application applications and networks functions seamlessly.
Definition TRUE
Term which of the following information equipment is offered to assist health care providers in the yes, really diagnosis and treatment of patients?
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with information equipment is taken into consideration an governmental information system?
Definition FINANCIAL details SYSTEM
Term A database that provides it possible to access data indigenous multiple databases
Term State privacy protections for health information are frequently stronger 보다 federal HIPAA protections.
Definition TRUE
Term Under HIPAA, defended Health info (PHI) includes any information that identifies an individual and describes his or her health and wellness status.
Definition TRUE
Term Sue is an RN on a busy write-up surgical unit. After receiving a brand-new post-op, Sue starts to obtain a report about the patience from the moving nurse in the hall. They usage the patients surname in report, go over laboratory findings and complication during surgery when in the hall exterior the patient"s room.
Definition TRUE
Term ~ above the way to the cafeteria, John, a radiology technician, obtain a speak to on his cell phone. The speak to is around Mrs. Arnold, whom he just returned come the unit after a procedure. The nurse had a question about the procedure. John proceeds into the cafeteria pointing out the procedure and also how challenging Mrs. Arnold to be to deal with as a patient.John has breached HIPAA regulations.
Definition TRUE
Term Cheryl works in Admitting. She requirements to fax some information regarding a patience at the hospital to a 2nd party concerning payment. In a hurry, she faxes the record to an unlisted fax device outside the hospital.Cheryl has violated the HIPAA privacy regulations.
Definition TRUE
Term throughout medical rounds, two medical professionals stop exterior Mrs. Smiths room to talk about her case before stepping inside. There room several human being in the hall, everyone is busy.The physicians are request by the manager to comment on the case elsewhere. If they did no comply with this request, this would be a breach of patient privacy.
Definition TRUE
Term The notice of privacy methods says "Your medical record might be provided for quality reviews." The factor this explain is in the an alert is:
Definition IT IS an example OF HEALTH care OPERATIONS
Term Arthur has actually asked for a list of disclosures that his medical record. He appears surprised not to watch that his an individual physician, Dr Smith, top top it. What perform you call him?
Term Dr. Brown is dealing with Amy for she ulcer. She remained in Macon basic Hospital a year ago. Dr. Brown has actually asked the hospital because that a copy of her discharge review and endoscopy report. What action should be taken by the hospital?
Definition PROVIDE THE documents TO DR BROWN together HE IS now TREATING THE PATIENT
Term Ms cutting board was a patient at your facility. She has actually been told the there room some records she cannot have accessibility to. These documents are most likely:
Term HIPAA to be designed to enhance the continuity of health and wellness insurance coverage, deal with administrative simplification, and also protect data privacy and also security.
Definition TRUE
Term Margaret has signed an authorization to release details to she attorney for a fractured finger treated in an er visit. Especially she claims to release the ER background and physical, x-rays and also any procedure keep in mind for she finger fracture. I m sorry of the adhering to violates her privacy?
Definition b. X-ray of chest
Term one employee accesses PHI ~ above a computer system the does not relate come her task functions. What security device should have actually been applied to minimize this protection breach?
Term in ~ the context of data security, protecting data privacy basically method defending or safeguarding _____.
Term visitor to the hospital looks in ~ the screen of the admitting clerks computer workstation as soon as she pipeline her desk to copy some admitting documents. What security system would finest have reduced this security breach?
Definition AUTOMATIC LOG turn off CONTROLS
Term A dietary department donated that is old microcomputer come a school. Some old patience data to be still on the microcomputer. What controls would have actually minimized this protection breach?
Definition DEVICE and also MEDIA CONTROLS
Term which of the adhering to would be the most appropriate method of protecting data that is passed over the Internet?
Term The very first and most an essential strategy because that minimizing defense threats is to:
Term according to an FBI study, most security breaches occur:
Definition EMPLOYEES
Term i am conducting the threat assessment because that an ambulatory care center whereby I work. Ns am examining the clinical record record room for security rule violations. The declare that ideal describes the situation is:
Definition THIS IS no NECCESSARY due to the fact that SECURITY preeminence ONLY attend to ELECTRONIC health INFORMATION
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with statements is true concerning HIPAA security?
Definition HIPPA permits FLEXABILITY when IT comes to IMPLEMENTATION
Term administrative controls incorporate policies and also procedures that address the _____ of computer system resources.
Term Locks on computer room doors is a type of:
Term Locks on computer room doors is a kind of:
Definition MUST BE determined BY EVERY extended ENTITY
Term one employee observes an outside individual putting some computer disks in her purse. The employee does not report this defense breach. What security procedures should have been in place to minimize this threat?
Definition SECURITY incident PROCEDURES
Term when addressing physical security, i m sorry of the adhering to should it is in taken into consideration?Select one:
Definition a. Natural threatsb. Synthetic threatsc. Damaging adjacent activitiesd. Every one of the over Correct
Term A visitant walks with the computer system department and picks increase a CD native an employees desk. What protection controls should have been imposed to protect against this defense breach?
Definition FACILITY accessibility CONTROLS
Term In enhancement to people, risks to data security include:Select one:
Definition a. Herbal disastersb. Strength surgesc. Hardware malfunctionsd. Every one of the over Correct
Term Prohibiting an employee from share his or her password is an example of a physics safeguard.
Definition FALSE
Term The right of people to control access to their an individual health information.
Term The ethical and also legal ide endorsed through health specialists to satisfy the expectation of patients that their information, when listed to an authorized used, will certainly not be redisclosed.
Definition CONFIDENTIALITY OF health and wellness INFORMATION
Term refers to the physics safety and protection of wellness information indigenous the elements, from loss, and also from modification or destruction
Term refers to the physical safety and also protection of health and wellness information from the elements, indigenous loss, and from alteration or destruction
Definition HIPPA"S technological SAFEGAURDS
Term The documented, formal practices to regulate data security procedures throughout the organization.

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Definition HIPPA"S administrative SAFEGAURDS
Term physical measures, policies, and procedures to protect a spanned entitys electronic information systems and related buildings and also equipment, native natural and environmental hazards, and unauthorized intrusion.
Definition HIPPA"S physics SAFEGAURDS