As per an interpretation of hyperbola difference between the distances of a point on hyperbola from its foci is always constant. This constant distance is same to the distance in between two vertices. Therefore, we can conclude the the difference between the ranges of a point on hyperbola from its foci is equal to the length of transversal axis.

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Thus, we deserve to conclude the the length of transversal axis that the hyperbola in the given diagram is same to the distinction of the street m and also n.

Hence, length of transversal axis = m-n

Thus, the correct an option is choice (c).

Option (B)

Step-by-step explanation:

From the snapshot attached,

F1 and F2 are the focii that the hyperbola.

Point P(x, y) is x units distant from F1 and also y units far-off from the other focus F2.

By the definition of a hyperbola,

"Difference between the ranges of a suggest from the focii is always continuous and equates to to the measure of transverse axis."

Difference in the distances of suggest P native focii F1 and F2 = (x - y) units

This distance is equal to the size of the transverse axis = (x - y) units

Therefore, choice (B) will be the answer.


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Length the transverse axis of hyperbola way distance in between both the vertices of hyperbola i m sorry is constant given through 2a.

As definition of hyperbola:

Difference in street of any suggest (x,y) indigenous both focus is a positive continuous equals to length of transverse axis.

So, street of (x,y) native foci 1)-( street of (x,y) indigenous foci 2)=2a


Length of transverse axis is x-y.

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step-by-step explanation:


the answer is b.

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