Study Guide earth Systems Ch 14, 15, 161. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27.Approximately just how much that Earth’s surface ar is covered by land? 30% name the four major oceans. Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic have the ability to label the four major oceans on a world globe. What modern technology do scientists use to measure ocean depth? Sonar perform two things that submersibles deserve to do. 1) collect data around areas that the s that were previously unreachable by humans and 2) stay underwater for long periods the time list the three significant regions the the s floor. 1) continent margins 2) ocean container floor 3) mid-ocean ridges The tenderness sloping submerged surface prolonging from the coast toward the deep ocean is called continental shelf. Sediments obtained primarily native the products of weathering ~ above the continent are called terrigenous sediment. List three energy resources obtained from the ocean. 1) oil 2) natural gas and 3)gas hydrates warmth from earth interior and also pressure from overlying rock transform the stays of maritime sediments into what 2 things? Oil and also natural gas The Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, and also the phibìc Sea are all known for their reserves the what s resource? Oil perform three s resources. 1)sand 2) herbal gas and 3)common table salt i beg your pardon ocean resource is currently NOT economically rewarding to mine? Manganese nodules What is the principal source of dissolved substances in the oceans? Weathering Which procedures decrease the salinity that seawater? 1)runoff native land 2) precipitation and also 3) icebergs melting High salinity would be uncovered in one area through high prices of evaporation. I m sorry layer of the ocean experiences a rapid change in density with depth? pycnocline In addition to salinity, what element affects the density of seawater? temperature wherein would you find the lowest thickness seawater? surface combined zone marine organisms are classified according to how they live and move. What is true around the level of sunlight at the deepest components of the ocean floor? pets live in constant darkness. Just how do animals survive in the deeper components of the seafloor (What do they carry out for food)? They feeding on each other. Give an instance of a main producer the food in the ocean. Algae, bacteria, plants Give an instance of a top level consumer. Sharks exactly how is chemical power transferred from algae to marine animals? Feeding s currents that move toward the poles space warm.(Warm or cold?) The influence of cold currents is greatly felt in the tropics. The increasing of cold water indigenous deeper layers to change warmer surface ar water is called upwelling.28. 29. 30. 31. 32.33. 34. 35. 36. 37.Density currents relocate vertically. The vertical distance between trough and also crest is referred to as the tide height. What is visible proof of energy passing v water? wave The height, length, and duration of a wave count on what 3 things? 1) the size of time the wind has blown 2)wind speed and 3) fetch which of the following is true around water particles in a tide in the open ocean? (Three things). 1) Water particles move in a circular path 2) The wave type moves forward, but the water particles do not advancement appreciably 3) as the tide travels, water particles happen the energy along by moving in a circle. As the speed and length that a tide decrease, the wave grows higher. One orbital movement refers come water particles and the transfer of energy. The smallest day-to-day tidal selection occurs during which kind of tide? neap tide Which tidal pattern has actually two high tides and also two short tides each day? semidiurnal The feather tide and neap tide have actually what form of current? Tidal current38. Define the tidal pattern shown in number 16-1. Over there is a solitary high tide and also a single low birds each tidal day.39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47.Wave affect and pressure cause erosion. Isolated volcano peaks top top the s floor are referred to as seamounts. Close to shore, bigger sand and gravel corpuscle are relocated along the ocean bottom by turbulence. What two things happen to waves as soon as there is refraction in bays? 1) They spread out and also 2) they expend less energy. One an outcome of tide refraction is the wave power is focused on headlands projecting right into the water. What is a wave-cut platform? a flat, bench prefer surface A sandbar that completely crosses a bay, close up door it turn off from the open up ocean, is a baymouth bar. A ridge that sand projecting into a bay and often having actually a hooked finish is a spit. What decreases beach erosion without the construction of security structures? beach nourishment48. What three things are designed to prevent or slow shoreline erosion? 1) groin 2) seawall and also 3) beach nourishment 49. Approximately how lot of Earth’s surface ar is extended by water? 70% 50. Approximately when walk the s become an important area the study? 200 years earlier 51. I m sorry ocean has the biggest average depth? Pacific 52. The biggest of Earth’s oceans is the Pacific. 53. What space seamounts? Volcanoes that kind on the s floor 54. Mineral-rich water, heated by newly formed oceanic crust, escapes v cracks in the s floor dubbed hydrothermal vents.

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55. Many gas hydrates kind when bacteria carry out what? failure organic issue trapped in oceanfloor sediments.