While huge parts of southern America, Africa and Asia are located in the southern Hemisphere, the only two continents whose entire territory is south of the Equator room Australia and also Antarctica. Every of these continents has large areas the are unwelcoming to person life, but past that lock have small in common.

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The continent the Australia is sometimes referred to as the Land under Under because it"s so much south. The entire continent is one country, split into eight territories and also states. That is the world"s the smallest continent but the sixth-largest country. Australia is practically 3,200 km. (1,988 mi.) from its northern shore to the southern coast and almost 4,000 km. (2,485 mi.) from eastern to west, for a total of 7,686,850 sq. Kilometres (2,967,909 sq. Mi). Australia spans 3 time zones and includes mountains, level lands, deserts and also tropical jungles. The seasons are reversed native those in the north Hemisphere, therefore Australia"s winter months are June with August and also its summer months space December through February.


Most Australians live along the country"s coasts, particularly between Cairns and also Adelaide. Sydney and Melbourne are the country"s largest cities, and they space both major, international metropolitan areas with cultural and historical landmarks the make them popular tourist destinations. The interior of the nation is flat, barren and also largely unpopulated -- often referred to as the Outback -- yet it support a range of animal and also plant species that have adjusted to the harsh environment. An ext than 80% that Australia"s mammals, landlocked fish and also flowering plants space not discovered anywhere rather on Earth.

Slightly bigger than Australia and fifty percent as large as the joined States, Antarctica is the continent at the bottom that the world. Beneath the thick paper of ice that covers 98% of the continent, Antarctica is mountainous and rocky. The Transantarctic hills divide the continent into two areas: east Antarctica, which is around 488 meters (533 yds.) above sea level, and West Antarctica, which different in altitude. Lake Vostok, the continent"s biggest lake, and also one that the largest in the world, is extended by a 4-kilometer-thick (nearly 2.5 mi.) ice sheet.


Despite having the world"s coldest temperatures, Antarctica supports a selection of wildlife. Whales, seals, penguins have actually all adjusted to the continent"s harsh problems by arising thick coats or skins, great of blubber and little extremities. Additionally, realm penguins have occurred huddling behaviors to retain body heat. Seven nations have territorial claims to parts of Antarctica. However, under the Antarctic Treaty, they have actually agreed to neglect territorial borders and collaborate to study and also protect the continent.

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