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There’s nothing quite as warming and comforting as a vegan split pea soup. Yet there’s one an essential ingredient you require in order to make it: break-up peas.

No require to concern if you not sure where to gain them. Fine tell you where to buy separation peas, offering you a perform of stores to check and information on which aisles come look in.

First, however, we’ll provide you a table of links below. You have the right to click on any of the web links to order separation peas online.

Where to Buy break-up Peas

1. Amazon

If you don’t feel choose making a trip external your home, Amazon is always fantastic place to start. They have many break-up pea options, numerous of which are in the table above.

2. Kroger

You have the right to drop through your regional Kroger ~ above your search for separation peas. They could have Shiloh ranches Yellow break-up Peas on their shelves.

3. Entirety Foods

Got a whole Foods save nearby? drop by there and you might find they have 365 day-to-day Value Organic split Green Peas.

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4. Safeway

You can find a lot at Safeway stores, including break-up peas. Your closest save may bring 16-ounce bags the Signature Select split Green Peas.

5. Publix

Many of your grocery needs can be met by Publix. This also means split peas, i m sorry they have a few different types of. You’ll likely uncover either Publix save brand green separation peas or Goya yellow split peas.

Wondering what you have the right to do through your peas and beans? we recommend reading our overview to vegan bean recipes.

6. Albertson’s

Albertsons also carries split green peas. You will do it probably uncover Signature Select break-up Green peas in 16-ounce bags there.

7. Walmart

Regardless of what girlfriend need, yes a great chance your nearest Walmart has it. You might find some great Value Green separation Peas in 16-ounce bags there.

8. Target

Drop through Target, and also there are good odds you’ll find split peas there, too. They can have a pair different brands to sell you, consisting of Goya and an excellent & Gather break-up green peas.

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9. Piggly Wiggly

Don’t despair if your closest grocery store is a Piggly Wiggly – castle have separation green peas, too. Your local store can just have actually their bags the Best an option Green separation Peas in stock.

10. Meijer

Stop in at Meijer, and you’ll probably find some break-up peas. They have their very own brand of separation peas available called Meijer Naturals.

11. Stop & Shop

Finally, girlfriend can always check a stop & Shop. Lock may have actually 16-ounce bags the Goya Green split Peas available.

What Grocery keep Aisle separation Peas are in

Where need to you start as soon as you’re in the store? We suggest heading for the rice, grains, and beans aisle.

This can seem strange, however bags of dried bean are frequently kept through the rice. If the store has split peas, this is where you’re most most likely to uncover them.

If you’re not in the mood because that making it yourself, you could also try looking in ~ the canned products section to watch if the save sells vegan separation pea soup.

Wrap Up

Unlike many other foods, split peas aren’t challenging to find. You’ll find them in many national chains, so opportunities are, you won’t need to go really far at every to obtain them.

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Even if friend don’t desire to take a expedition to your nearest grocery store store, you can constantly order split peas online. Just click the web links in the table at the beginning of this write-up to stimulate some making use of your computer or smartphone.

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