Where"s the playground, Susie?To listen, click below.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s17Be3PZA8cOne the the lesser-known of glen Campbell’s songs created by Jimmy Webb, this song peaked at #26 ~ above the charts in 1969. I had always thought of the as an additional “Come ago When You grow Up Girl” or “Young Girl get Out of my Mind” type of song, yet finding out that Jimmy Webb had written it resulted in me come reexamine the lyrics, and now it seems as if it has a different meaning altogether. The singer appears to be confronting his lover as if to say, “How go we obtain here? just how did things get to be such a mess? clearly you aren’t happy v me and you want to pat around, however where space the boundaries?” because it doesn’t get much airplay (I i can not use heard the in years and also didn’t also know it was a Jimmy Webb song until I began my research for this blog), i am including the lyrics below for the edification the the reader.

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The finish has come and also found us hereWith our playthings scattered all roughly us hereThe puzzle the we never ever found response forStill asks us, darlin", just what all the games were forAnd right here we was standing in a crate of sandWhere"s the playground Susie?You"re the one who"s supposed to know her way aroundWhere"s the playground SusieIf ns don"t stay around?If ns don"t continue to be around?The carousel has actually stopped united state hereIt twirled a time or two and also then the dropped united state hereAnd still you"re no content through something around meBut what merry-go-round have the right to you ride there is no meTo take your handHow would certainly you stand?Where"s the playground SusieIf ns decide to let friend go and play around?Where"s the playground SusieIf i don"t continue to be around?If i don"t remain around?Where"s the playground Susie?You"re the one who"s supposed to know her means aroundWhere"s the playground SusieIf i decide come let friend go and also play around?Let’s face it – fifty percent the songs on the top 40 that had a girl’s name consisted of the surname Susie or some variation thereof (Susan, Sue) – yet Jimmy’s usage of the name is a feasible confirmation that this song, MacArthur Park, By the moment I obtain to Phoenix and also The Worst the Could Happen were all influenced by his love affair v a woman called Susan, that did marry who else.

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You are correct that the name Susie to be Jimmy's girlfriend from Colton High. She in fact married who else.

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But unlike countless listeners who've shed a tear or 2 over the anguished romanticism of that sentiment due to the fact that actor-singer Richard Harris took it to the top of the popular music charts in 1968, Ronstadt has a one-of-a-kind attachment to the song.She's the factor Webb wrote it.TIMELINE: Summer's must see concertsRonstadt — then Suzy Horton — to be the flesh-and-blood muse Webb immortalized for "the yellow noodle dress foaming like a wave on the ground about your knees" the she wore one afternoon while the pair ate lunch in L.A.'s MacArthur Park."I don't recognize who gets worse eliminated by this stuff — girlfriend or me," said her husband of almost two decades, Bobby Ronstadt, dabbing away part tears of his own as he listened come the track one more time with his wife. "I request her when we very first got to know each other, 'How could you not see what this guy's obtained for you?' and also she'd answer, 'Well, I favored his songs.'"Even as a teens Jimmy Webb had actually written countless songs before and also after his family moved from Oklahoma to southern California in the at an early stage 1960s. But it was his romance through Horton, i m sorry bloomed when both to be high school students in Colton, Calif., the resulted in countless of Webb's most crucial hits: not just "MacArthur Park" but additionally "By the moment I gain to Phoenix," "Where's the Playground, Suzie," "Didn't We" and also "The Worst That can Happen," among them.Suzy Ronstadt — who became a loved one of Linda Ronstadt after marrying Linda's cousin, Bobby, in 1993 — looks ago on the on-again, off-again love affair through Webb during the 1960s and also early 1970s through sweetness and also humility for all the extensively cherished music that came out that it.But Webb was an ext smitten v her at the time than she with him. "It was unrequited love," stated the woman that once organized the location of miss out on Colton — and who this day sings in a pop-folk vocal quartet i Hear Voices!, which bring her earlier to southerly California for a power Sunday in ~ McCabe's in Santa Monica.After high school, she and a girlfriend landed tasks working because that Aetna Life Insurance, which had actually an office nearby to MacArthur Park. Webb, climate a struggling songwriter who lived surrounding in silver Lake, would accomplish Horton for having lunch there regularly.Both longing for stays in display business, Webb score a low-paying job for Jobete Publishing, one offshoot that Motown Records, while Horton became a dancer and also moved come Lake Tahoe to occupational in the casino showrooms.There she met and married her first husband, and also when word reached Webb, one an outcome was the tune "The Worst That can Happen," the 1969 hit for the Brooklyn leg that begins, "Girl, ns heard you're obtaining married, heard you're acquiring married…. Maybe it's the finest thing because that you, yet it's the worst that can happen — come me."That marriage was short-lived, and Horton returned to Los Angeles and reconnected with Webb, who had actually been riding high on struggle after hit and also traveling in rarefied circles and subsequently dropped in love with Rosemarie Frankland, a model and also actress who once held the location of miss World.Horton later wrote "Miss little Town," in i beg your pardon she sings "I to be Miss tiny Town, however she was miss out on World," around trying to compete for a man's affections through someone she perceived as the end of she league."Jimmy's song have followed me my whole life and we space still friends to this day," said Ronstadt, her wavy gold blond hair flowing simply past she shoulders. "Jimmy has actually a lovely wife and I have actually a exorbitant husband. They have actually both had actually to deal with our histories. I average no disrespect to anyone but I have to say, I have loved Jimmy because that 50 years and I always will."

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One of good lost haunting Web/Campbell tunes. I just love the melody. Nothing deserve to evoke the so late 60s like Jimmy and also Glen. Love this!!

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This mostly unheralded Jimmy Webb track has been in my figurative "playlist" because I first heard it back in 1969. I have actually never been certain of the an interpretation of the lyrics but I recognize that it is just one of the few songs the will carry tears to my eyes. Her explanation seems in line through my reasoning which improves my appreciation of it. And, thanks to her blog I have actually learned much more about the intriguing MacArthur Park. Many thanks for that, too.

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Just like I do all his other songs, i LOVE this one. R.I.P., bro. Loved listening to it top top the radio in 1969.Released top top April 19, 1969 reaching #26 on may 31.