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Answer: Where"s Fluffy? The fictional band, Where"s Fluffy, was playing a concert at an unknown to meet the night that Nick and Norah met. Nick said Norah that he was the an initial person to hear Fluffy"s "Black Carnage" album.
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2 when everyone gathers to see Where"s Fluffy? at Brooklyn pool (BK Pool), lock realize too late that one more band has actually pulled a "bait and also switch" and also Where"s Fluffy? is no there ~ all. What band has pulled the "bait and also switch"?

Answer: space You Randy? according to Norah, this isn"t the first time are You Randy? has pulled this type of a stunt. When everyone knew the Where"s Fluffy? wasn"t play everyone leaves as fast as lock can. The only human being left is one male who is legitimately excited for space You Randy? and he proceeds to take it his shirts off and also rock the end in a freestyle Ska fashion the is not generally seen any type of more...with good reason. The front man of the band is likewise seen countless times throughout the movie, specifically at the very first bar making out through Caroline and then again at the really Where"s Fluffy? concert.
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Answer: leave a post for his ex-girlfriend Tris at the start of the movie, Nick is sitting on his bed, sad. He pipeline a blog post for his ex-girlfriend Tris saying that he"s sad they damaged up. In the during he"s burn a CD for her and also looking at pictures of lock together. Sadly, though, Tris doesn"t care around Nick in ~ all. When it mirrors her at school, she"s throw a CD from Nick in the trash and saying the he"s pathetic.
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Answer: Yugo that drove a rusty yellow Yugo, which was mistaken because that a cab an ext than once during the movie. "Once girlfriend buy one, you check out them everywhere," Nick jokingly called Norah.The Zastava Koral, or Yugo, was designed by the Zastava corporation of Yugoslavia based upon a architecture from Fiat. A Yugo play a component in the 2000 dark comedy, "Drowning Mona", as well. The majority of the townspeople the Verplanck, brand-new York drove Yugos as they once had actually an assembly tree in the town.
5 even though lock promise to deliver Caroline to her home, Thom, Dev, and Lethario protect against to get a snack and while they are gone, Caroline escapes indigenous the van because she mistook them because that kidnappers/sexual predators. Where are they gaining snacks once she disappears?

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Answer: Gray"s Papaya together Thom calls Nick to rest the negative news that they lost Caroline, he is stand in former of Gray"s Papaya, which is a renowned hot dog joint the has 4 locations top top the West side of Manhattan the are open 24 hours.