You know a T-bone as soon as you view one… it’s the steak through a T-shaped bone. But what is a T-bone, indigenous the butcher’s perspective? This top steak is really two steaks in one. Bold, beefy new York piece on one side and mild, soft filet mignon ~ above the other, separated by the t-shaped bone.

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Cutting a T-bone

The T-bone is reduced from the short loin subprimal from the front section of the bigger loin primal. The brief loin is house to the most tender and popular cuts of steak.

The short loin is broken down further into two subprimals – the beef short loin (New York strip), and the tenderloin (filet mignon). These subprimals room separated through a bone. If they’re separated and sliced into steaks, you acquire those two steaks. If the brief loin and tenderloin are kept together and cross-cut a saw, the result is a T-bone steak. The bone that separates the two subprimals is reduced into a “T.”


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Porterhouse vs T-bone

T-bone and also porterhouse steaks space both short-loin cross-sections, but there IS a difference. A porterhouse has a full-size filet part because it’s reduced from the anterior that the quick loin wherein both the tenderloin and strip portion are larger. A T-bone is cut from the middle to the finish of the subprimal wherein the tenderloin tapers and also narrows. Therefore, the lot of filet mignon ~ above a porterhouse is more than ~ above a T-bone. Each pet will create six to 7 T-bones, and just two to 3 porterhouse steaks.

The dimension of the filet mignon and also thickness that the steak will identify the group as either a porterhouse or a T-bone. The USDA mentions that a porterhouse need to be at least 1.25 inches thick measured indigenous the widest allude on the filet, and also a T-bone need to be 0.5 customs thick. Therefore, every porterhouse is technically a T-bone, however not every T-bone is a porterhouse.

How to chef a T-bone

The T-bone is a distinct steak to cook – technically, you’re food preparation two steaks. You need to be careful since the tenderloin side will certainly cook much more quickly 보다 the piece side. Due to this, you need to be smart about your heat.


To grill a T-bone, use both direct and indirect heat. Build a fire (or revolve on burners) on just one side of the grill. Sear the T-bone 3-5 minutes every side (depending on thickness). Then, relocate the steak to side of the grill through no fire (indirect heat.) Make sure the filet portion of the T-bone is towards the coolest component of the grill to avoid overcooking. Us recommend cooking the filet next to 125-130 levels for the perfect rare doneness. Use our steak doneness guide and temperature chart for your wanted steak doneness. For an ext on grilling the perfect steak, check out our beginner’s guide to grilling.


If girlfriend can’t cook outdoors or don’t have actually a grill, shot the sear-roast method. Very first sear the T-bone in a cast iron skillet. Then, include butter, fresh herbs or garlic to the skillet and also roast in ~ 300 levels to your preferred doneness.

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Follow this steak cooking chart for grilling and sear roast times and instructions or download the Omaha Steaks app with a built-in timer to cook your steak come your desired doneness. 

Sous Vide

If food preparation a T-bone steak appears daunting, shot the sous vide method of cooking. Our executive, management chefs introduce seasoning your T-bone in the bag before the sous vide water bath. As soon as your steak has actually reached its preferred temperature, merely sear it on the grill or in a actors iron skillet because that the perfect crust. This is a fool-proof technique that makes sure you nothing accidently overcook your steak.