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Tip: The King Valve Location

By Gary McCreadie

There is a common mistake that i hear from HVAC and also refrigeration technicians. “Hey man, can you front chair the compressor King valve.” the grinds my gears a little, only due to the fact that the King valve has actually one distinct attend to on a system. The recipient outlet is the ONLY ar you will uncover a King valve, that’s it! Funny enough, the valve placed on the recipient inlet is called the Queen valve. The Queen valve is less common yet can be offered in conjunction v the King valve to isolate the receiver. Ifa servicevalve is found on the discharge line, that is a discharge service valve. If found on the suction line, it is a suction service valve. The King valve is unique in that is position due to the fact that it enables you come pump under a mechanism by close up door it and also running the compressor until all, or many refrigerant is pumped out of the short side that the system and into the condenser and also receiver.

Most organization valves, nevertheless of their name, have 3 distinctive positions. Ago seated position, mid seated position and front sit position. A refrigeration business wrench must be provided to change these valves. Have actually you ever ran into a valve stem that is rounded? The most common reason because that this, issomeone most likelyused an adjustable wrench fairly than a refrigeration organization wrench, ifyou don’t own one, gain one….Seriously! Some business valves space equipped with a packing gland which avoids the valve assembly native leaking. The pack gland nut should be loosened slightly prior to adjusting the valve stem. Check out the video clip below for a an ext detailed explanation.

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Regardless that the project at hand, when working with refrigerants, be safe. Wear proper PPE, and use fist to stop injury native refrigerant burn and pressure punch off.

Gary McCreadie

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