I cannot find this fuel pump regulate module to conserve my life. Ns drive a 2016 fiesta st. Any kind of one have actually advice?
I to be not certain what friend asking, but the fuel pump module and sending unit are situated underneath the rear cushion seat the you sit on. In ~ the bottom near the floor top top both political parties there room clips the slide horizontal come unlock the seat. Then lift the cushion directly upward and also pull it outward. And also then you will have accessibility to the module. Expect this help you out. Permit me know how it works out because that you.

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I had actually a slew of codes the were regarded the Fuel pump driver and also I discovered out the was in reality a blown emission fuse. Weird ...but I"m happy that turned the end to it is in that instead of the driver module Id check out about. This is likewise over a year old and their write-up count is # 2 ....take it v a serial of salt!
My car has no thrown out any codes to assist with resolving my issue. Ns told the dealer to examine out the fuel pump relay. When they go bad, they will reason a stall and then will certainly restart after a short period of time. That is what my engine is doing right now. They"ve had my vehicle 2 mainly now and all they have come v is a electrical wire connector at the coil load coming lose at times. If the was the case, the engine would certainly not restart unless you giggled the cable around, before restarting the engine. Am i correct or not?

I cannot uncover this fuel pump manage module to save my life. Ns drive a 2016 fiesta st. Any one have actually advice?For much more information on cold air intake please visit the website.
I have actually such a problem, i turned off the engine and the gasoline pump continued to work, I began it again and also then muffled whatever normally, after i beg your pardon this trouble was no much longer in more operation. Who have the right to tell that it might be an electronics glitch or a trouble with the fuel pump manage module??

I think you will discover the fuel pump driver module is under the driver"s seat/

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