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93 Chevy S10 ext. Cab. (in process 4 bolt 350 vortec swap) 5 speed 4wd02 Chevy Camaro B4C, LS1 V8 6 speed (former NC highway patrol pursuit car)07 Saturn Outlook XR (the wife"s ride)Real guys Love Jesus

Is there a opportunity that the ESC is inside the distributor?The truck battles to accelerate. The only means I can obtain it come accelerate there is no it backfiring and/or bucking is come ease right into the throttle. Sometimes, once the van is hot, and also I turn it turn off say for a few minutes choose to gain gas, and also I crank it, it will die and also I have the right to crank it back up. That will execute this several times, yet I can pump the gas and it will periodically level out however after a minute or so.
93 Chevy S10 ext. Cab. (in process 4 bolt 350 vortec swap) 5 speed 4wd02 Chevy Camaro B4C, LS1 V8 6 rate (former NC highway patrol search car)07 Saturn Outlook XR (the wife"s ride)Real men Love Jesus
Sorry, missed that information
Sounds more like a low fuel pressure/supply problem to me.Have you confirmed that you have sufficient fuel pressure. Just since the pump has actually been replaced, you still have to recheck FP.Did you change all this stuff when the problem presented itself?
I"ve to be replacing stuff a little along the method over the past few months. It seems like, as soon as I change something, the runs much better and worse at the same time.Since I"ve acquired the truck, I have actually replaced: Dist cab, Dist button, plugs, wires, rebuilt tbi, reman injectors, coolant temp sensor (ECM), brand-new fuel pump, brand-new EGR valve, replaced knock sensor connector.It appears like, the truck is acquiring progressively worse. I"ll resolve a part and it"ll walk to running better, the fuel pump and EGR do the biggest difference in help it operation better.
93 Chevy S10 ext. Cab. (in process 4 bolt 350 vortec swap) 5 speed 4wd02 Chevy Camaro B4C, LS1 V8 6 rate (former NC highway patrol search car)07 Saturn Outlook XR (the wife"s ride)Real guys Love Jesus
not sure if it helps yet the persons I"ve seen room on the firewall back behind the waiting filter. The screws can have backed the end of yours and it"s laying on top of the transmission.

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*Jeff*1998 4dr 2wd Blazer, 06 L33 5.3L, LS6 cam, 3.73s, developed trans, etc.. Http://
It appears that GM moved the ESC and knock sensor(s) roughly on every model year. On my 1991 S10 Blazer 4x4 LB4-Z engine, the ESC is located under the hood, ~ above the RH next of the firewall, over the passenger side head. The LB4-Z engine has actually one knock sensor and also it is situated on the ago of the engine block listed below the distributor. In the location, the punch sensor listens for engine knock (detonation) native the behind of the engine...which is as far away indigenous the potential source of detonation knock as GM can place it. Due to the fact that customers wanted to usage the cheapest petrol they can find in their 4.3L V6 engines, GM decided to put the hit sensor top top the 1992-1995 L35-W engines in between the spark plugs or in the rear of the heads in an attempt to save the engines from damaging detonation. Detonation deserve to not only damage pistons and break rings but can additionally pound the end rod bearings. Stick bearing fail is a sore spot v the 4.3L V6 engines. . Various locations of the punch sensors is why they are tuned come recognize various frequencies. That is why the two different type knock sensors have actually different component numbers and also different threads. They can only be provided in the proper locations. I have actually 1994 L35 top on my LB4 engine. The knock sensors ~ above the 1994 L35 -W engines are located on the RH side of the head in between #2 and also #4 spark plugs. After installation the L35 -W top on mine LB4 - Z engine, I usage the hit sensor in the earlier of the block and also plugged the knock sensor threaded feet in the L35 heads. Girlfriend don"t need to plug the hit sensor feet in the heads since they space dry holes. If you space using complete roller aluminum rocker arms, place the knock sensor in the earlier of the block lessens the possibility of the knock sensor recognizing a knock because of rocker eight noise and also sending the data come the ESC, which will retard the timing advance unnecessarily. Your wiring harness likewise determines where the ESC and knock sensors need to be situated unless you want to carry out some re-wiring.